Mary Barczak
The Visual Artists of Bullitt County hosted an All Member Show in conjunction with the annual art display. First place went to Jan Rawlins with Debra Shaw in second and Linda Cheek third. On Merit, Sandra Higgins was first with LaVerne Arkenberg second, Sharon Milliner in third and Patsy Kerr fourth. Honorable mentions went to Monica Rixman, Jan Rawlins, Gail Bagwell and LaVerne Arkenberg.

 MOUNT  WASHINGTON - Preservation is very important to the Visual Artists of Bullitt County. 

In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons they continue to hold their annual all member art show each year.

Shepherdsville artist Gail Bagwell said she will continue to encourage young artists to come to the county.

“If young people don’t see any artists then they aren’t going to become one themselves,” she said.