• New notification system has many features

                    SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Bullitt Countians who wish to be notified of weather events will have to sign up on a new regional system.
        And, if they wish, they can provide a lot more information that could mean the difference between life and death if they need any type of assistance through the Bullitt County Central Dispatch System.

  • Ellis resigns; vacancy to be filled

             SHEPHERDSVILLE -- A week after a Bullitt Circuit Judge ruled that the resignation in February by Scott Ellis from his position of mayor was invalid, another resignation letter has been written.
        And, now, the Shepherdsville City Council will have to decide if the members can agree upon a replacement or whether Gov. Matt Bevin will make that decision.

  • Dealing with Traffic Congestion: City officials looking for ways to make traffic flow better at Hwy. 44 in Shep.

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Traffic congestion in Shepherdsville near Interstate 65 is nothing new.

    But the Shepherdsville City Council recently commissioned a traffic study by QK4.

    Those recommendations were presented recently during a public forum, attended by several dozen individuals.

    Most of the study was concentrated on the Adam Shepherd Parkway, Conestoga Parkway and Highway 44 East.

    Officials and citizens went from map to map and discussed suggestions and concerns to members of QK4.

  • BBB Hot Topics: September 2016

     See the latest scams in BBB’s September 2016 Hot Topics

    If you receive a call saying you’ve won a new computer, hang up! A local consumer was told she won a new PC but had to send money. She sent $20 to the scammer, who then said they wanted more money before sending her the computer.

  • Hebron Estates looks for ways to clean up unsightly properties

    By Thomas J. Barr
        HEBRON ESTATES -- No matter the size of the municipality, one of the more difficult situations facing city officials is how to keep properties in good shape.
        From foreclosures to property owners just not keeping up their homes, officials are questioned by residents on what can be done.
        In the city of Hebron Estates, commissioners approved placing $5,000 into the annual budget for cleanup projects.

  • Ellis still mayor following ruling

       SHEPHERDSVILLE -- When he tendered a letter on Feb. 9, 2016, Scott Ellis intended to resign from the office of mayor.
        But what Ellis really did was resign his duties, not the office.
        As a result, Bullitt Circuit Judge Rodney Burress ruled late Tuesday that Ellis’ letter of resignation did not comply with state statute.
        However, the question is whether Ellis will reassume his position as mayor.

  • Six who filed for mayor will not be on ballot

        SHEPHERDSVILLE -- With the judge’s ruling, six individuals were suddenly left with campaign materials that aren’t worth a whole lot.
        When Scott Ellis resigned, a vacancy was supposedly created with an election for the final two-plus years of the mayoral term on the ballot.
        However, Bullitt County clerk Kevin Mooney said the election will not be held and names will not appear on the ballot in November.

  • Piccola receives state incentives to build facility

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- When Richard Eschman acquired Piccola Manufacturing in the 1980s, he pledged to grow the machine shop into a much larger operation.

    Since 1986, the manufacturing business has seen its business triple in size.

    After purchasing an adjacent lot on Old Preston Highway in Shepherdsville, Eschman’s family business is ready to expand.

    The company received a $70,000 tax credit from the Kentucky Economic Development Authority on Thursday.

  • Companies look at different ways to fill jobs as holiday rush nears

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- With the holidays quickly approaching, where do you find several thousand extra workers?

    That is maybe the biggest challenge for businesses in Bullitt County.

    While the distribution boom has been great, Bullitt County Economic Development Authority executive director John Snider said there are headaches which accompany such rapid growth.

    In the the past 18 months, Snider said over $192 million in new investments have been announced for Bullitt County.

  • MW seals land deal for Santa Rosa, over 300 jobs

     MOUNT WASHINGTON — A big business park sale for the city is expected to bring over 325 jobs to the area.

    After almost seven months of negotiations, the Mount Washington City Council passed a resolution to allow Mayor Barry Armstrong to authorize and execute the real estate purchase agreement with Santa Rosa.

    The 23.2 acres of land sold for $1.33 million.