• Warnings done, tickets to come for speeders

     HEBRON ESTATES - Unless you want a little post-Christmas present in the Bullitt County District Court, you better slow down when driving through one northern municipality.

    Pioneer Village police chief D.J. Reynolds said his officers had written speeding citations to those driving through the city of Hebron Estates.

    Most of the offenders were students from North Bullitt who were racing through the subdivision to get to school.

    Garden Court and Scenic Trail were some of the targeted streets.

  • City retains 1.5% occupational tax

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - In 2011, the city of Shepherdsville was searching for ways to pay its bills.

    At the time, the Shepherdsville City Council, which included two current members, was looking for ways to tackle a debt of over $5 million and the need to have another $1.5 million annually just to pay the debt service.

    Sewer rates were increased by 66 percent and the occupational tax went from 1 percent to 1.5 percent.

    But the increase in the occupational tax included a provision that on Dec. 31, 2014, it would revert back to its original amount.

  • Contract Board will seek contract where it retains control of tax dollars

     CLERMONT - The contract governing the relationship between the Southeast Bullitt Fire District board of trustees and the fire department corporation has been terminated.

    But, to ensure there is no gap in fire protection service to the residents, the board authorized negotiations to begin immediately on a 60-day emergency contract with Southeast Bullitt Fire and Rescue Department.

    However, the future of who will provide fire protection starting March 1 is still a major concern.

  • CONTRACT TERMINATED: Hatfield withdraws resignation; back on fire board

     CLERMONT - Legal or illegal, Julius Hatfield reassumed his position as a member of the Southeast Bullitt Fire District board of trustees.

    With Bullitt Fiscal Court preparing to hold a hearing to remain Hatfield from the board in December, the fire chief resigned on Dec. 4.

    However, when Bullitt Fiscal Court took no action on the resignation, Hatfield had second thoughts.

  • Fate of contract part of special meeting

     CLERMONT -- A special meeting Friday night will tackle the meatiest of issues involving the relationship between the Southeast Bullitt Fire Board of Trustees and the fire and rescue corporation.

    The meeting set for 6:30 p.m. on Friday at the main fire station on Highway 245 is open to the public.

    Five items are on the agenda and only those issues can be discussed.

    Dan Thibodeaux, a member of the board of trustees, said getting a mutual aid agreement between all fire departments is necessary.

  • Economic Development Authority to help start logistics pathway program

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt County has many distribution facilities in its boundaries.

    Bullitt County students are looking for ways to become college or career ready in order to graduate.

    Businesses are always looking for better prepared applicants to enter the work force.

    Students are always looking to secure jobs which make more than minimum wage.

    A pilot program being started in Bullitt County could solve the concerns of both parties.

  • WalMart begins process of hiring 300 employees

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - The building is coming together and soon the WalMart on Conestoga Parkway will be open.

    But before the Shepherdsville retail store can open, approximately 300 employees must be hired and trained.

    According to an attorney representing the store during a recent Board of Adjustment variance hearing, WalMart is expected to be open early in March.

    The company released information on Friday about the hiring process.

  • BBB Tips on Charitable Giving During the Holidays

     Many people support their favorite charities all year long, however, some wait until the holiday season to donate. BBB serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky offers some DOs and DON’Ts that apply year-round when it comes to charitable giving.

  • Fire board begins work under new leadership; comments are heard

      CLERMONT - In its first meeting without Julius Hatfield leading the meeting, the Southeast Bullitt Fire Board of Trustees listened to several comments in regards to recent events.

    But the mood was fairly calm as board members began to figure out what happens next.

    Hatfield, under fire for comments made to a television reporter and on a deputy sheriff’s body camera, resigned last week from his position with the fire board. He remains fire chief.

  • MW to look at adding meat to its sign ordinance

     MOUNT WASHINGTON - A big change is coming, one that could really affect how businesses advertise in Mount Washington.

    At a recent meeting of the Mount Washington City Council, the group had the first reading of a new sign ordinance sponsored by council man Brent Wheeler.

    Wheeler said his purpose of redoing the ordinance was to beautify the appearance of the city and rid it of “eyesores.”

    “We’re going to move forward with making this town presentable,” he said.