• Mount Washington Light Up to be expanded in ‘14; event cancelled last year

     MOUNT WASHINGTON - The chilly weather already has some thinking about red-and-green.

    At a recent Mount Washington city council meeting, Mayor Joetta Calhoun announced the Light Up Mount Washington celebration will be expanded this year.

    Last year the event was canceled due to a prediction of bad weather.

    Scheduled to be the first Friday in December, Calhoun said the city has partnered with First Baptist Church Mount Washington to have a live nativity scene and other activities.

  • AG announces $105 million settlement with AT&T Mobility

     FRANKFORT - Attorney General Jack Conway and his Office of Consumer Protection, along with 49 other attorneys general, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), today announced a $105 million settlement with AT&T Mobility.

  • Sewer issues may take regional approach

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - It is a long way from becoming reality.

    But the task at hand for engineers from Strand and Associates is to project what the future may hold for a multi-county area in terms of wastewater treatment and disposal.

    A public meeting was held recently in Shepherdsville.

    State Sen. Dan Seum said that a bill was approved allowing counties to be part of a regional effort to deal with wastewater disposal.

    Then-state Rep. Linda Belcher had a bill in the legislature that would eventually be adopted as HB 26.

  • Hillview has system to notify residents if they sign up for free

     HILLVIEW -- What if you needed to reach residents in your city during an emergency?

    Or what if it was just a street that was closed?

    Or what if it was the last opportunity for a property owner to pay delinquent taxes before their name went into The Pioneer News?

    Ken Weber, a representative of Reach Alert Instant Mass Communication, explained that such a capability was not impossible.

  • City plans battle to get flood maps revised

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - The city of Shepherdsville has a game plan to negate and maybe even reverse to plan by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to place 1,225 properties into a flood plain.

    While Bullitt Fiscal Court members heard from its expert that the best advice is to seek mitigation, Shepherdsville mayor Scott Ellis said his city is taking a different path.

    “It’s a totally different situation,” said Ellis. “The county has so much area that it would be difficult to appeal.”

  • Computer operation moves from home to storefront location

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - A Bullitt County native hopes to keep his community integrated into 21st Century technologies.

    Ferguson Computers, in business since 2007, has opened its first store location at 2896 Highway 44 East, next to The Wave.

    Co-owners Robbie and Christina Ferguson live in Shepherdsville with their son, Noah. Robbie Ferguson is a North Bullitt graduate.

    "I got into computers in the 90s at North Bullitt," he said. "It kind of sparked an interest in me."

  • Flood map could add over 2,000 properties

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - While many property owners in Bullitt County will not like the results, engineers with a Louisville firm doesn’t believe it would be cost effective - or successful - in trying to appeal the decision.

    As a result, many more property owners in the county would be included in the floodplain areas when the FEMA maps become effective sometime in the next year.

    Neal Crawford, an engineer with QK4, presented the firm’s report on the proposed changes to the floodplain maps.

  • Motorists beware of new stop sign on Hillview Boulevard

     HILLVIEW - If you travel Hillview Boulevard, you better be on your toes.

    Or, better yet, on your brake pedal.

    Trina Walden has mentioned her concerns about speeding motorists on Hillview Boulevard over the past year.

    Her discussion led to a decision to add a stop sign on Hillview Boulevard at Brookwood.

    This would create the third all-way stop along the long stretch of road, which has a 25 mile-per-hour limit.

    Police chief Glenn Caple said officers have run radar on the road a number of times.

  • BBB Warns: Beware of iPhone 6 scams

     Better Business Bureau serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky is warning consumers who are looking to buy the new iPhone 6 to beware of online scammers.

  • September is National Preparedness Month

     The Better Business Bureau is once again joining the Federal Emergency Management Agency and thousands of other organizations across the country to promote National Preparedness Month. The annual event educates the public on the importance of emergency preparedness, encouraging citizens, businesses, and government agencies to prepare, and stay informed for emergencies.