• BBB: Be careful with online dating

     Are you looking for love this Valentine’s Day? Millions use dating and social networking sites to meet people. While many are looking to start a successful relationship, there are scam artists using these sites to take advantage of others. Unfortunately, the anonymity of the internet makes it easy for con artists to use these sites to meet potential victims.

    In one of the latest dating scams, scammers are stealing pictures of real soldiers and posting them online, stringing victims along.

  • BBB Warns: Don’t Fall for Valentine’s Scams

     Scam artists take advantage of every major event or holiday to launch a new (or old) scam. BBB warns, Valentine’s Day is no exception! Here are a few scams to be on the lookout for:

    Social Media Scams

    Facebook is flooded with posts that attempt to lure users to malicious websites. Beware of any “free” love giveaways, like flowers, perfumes, or vacations. These “free” giveaways take you to a third-party site, where your personal information can be compromised.


  • BBB Warns: Don't be Fooled by the Annual Minutes Letter

     A company called Corporate Records Service is targeting small, local businesses. Your local BBB has taken several calls and emails from local companies that received a letter from the company.

    "Important - Annual Minutes Requirement Statement" is posted on the front of the large envelope. Inside is a form titled "2013 Annual Minutes Form." It looks like an official government document and asks for $125 to complete the "Annual Minutes Requirement Form."

  • BBB Offers Advice for Safe and Successful Valentine’s Day Shopping

     If you are going to send flowers, candy, or other gifts for Valentine’s Day do your homework first! BBB has some tips for your Valentine’s shopping.


  • Trucking company gets OK for facility off I-65

     HILLVIEW - Seeing a few trucks parked in the former home of a recreational vehicle sales lot may have concerned a few residents.

  • Pioneer Village makes appointments to boards

     PIONEER VILLAGE - A new year meant new appointments and re-appointments in the city of Pioneer Village.

  • BBB Warns: Beware of Tax Scams

     BBB is warning tax payers - don't fall victim to tax scams! Remember — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. BBB takes a look at the different tax scams:

    The scam: Phishing includes emails or websites that trick victims into providing personal information. If you get an email “from the IRS” asking for your personal information, delete it!

  • BBB Hot Topics: February 2013

     Check out the latest scams and bad business in BBB's February 2013 Hot Topics!

    1.    IRS Scam: Tax payers are receiving calls from scam artists who say they are with the IRS. They claim a mistake was made on their taxes and the IRS owes them $2000. The catch, in order to receive the money, the tax payer must provide bank account information.

  • Revamped Fox Chase board gets down to work

     FOX CHASE - In the past year citizens from the city of Fox Chase showed as much concern for their city as any other in Bullitt County.

  • Garbage bid solves billing issues

      SHEPHERDSVILLE - Garbage customers in Shepherdsville will not have to worry about changing companies when the current contract expires at the end of March.