• Another assessment system to be unleashed in Kentucky

     If you’ve been paying attention to education for a long time, you remember the KIRIS (Kentucky Instructional Results Information System) tests, which was replaced by CATS (Commonwealth Accountability Testing), which was overridden by the federal NBLB (No Child Left Behind) law that used the KCCT (Kentucky Core Content Test) to judge whether a school was a success for failure. 

  • Eastside cheerleaders go on mission to clean up, assist area groups

     MOUNT WASHINGTON - Between going to school and practicing four to five times a week, it's hard to imagine Eastside Middle School cheerleaders have time for anything else, much less community service. 

    But somehow these youngsters manage to balance it all and they recently stepped up their service efforts. 

    In light of National School Spirit Week and the Universal Cheerleaders Association's Community Service Week Eastside cheerleaders participated in a number of service initiatives. 

  • NOTHING COMICAL ABOUT BULLYING: Students get first look at special book

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - Students at Shepherdsville Elementary may have fresh ink all over themselves...but don’t you dare pick on them!

  • Business, schools show off their wares Monday

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - The longer you can stay around and be healthy, the longer you can help donate to your local school.


     Bullitt County Schools Calendar of Events - September 2012:







  • Nichols class grows food for use by other students

     NICHOLS - Teachers expanding students' minds is a sincere form of cultivation - planting seeds into their young brains.

    Nichols Elementary instructor Cindi French took it a step further. French and her husband, Mackie, have developed a working vegetable garden on the school grounds over the summer.

    The garden's purpose is to provide first-hand educational opportunities for Nichols students while supplying the school cafeteria with home grown produce for healthier lunches.

  • Helping Henryville

     The Overdale Elementary community began a Box Tops drive in support of Henryville immediately following the April tornado.

  • Gradual gains made in graduation rates

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - While the latest graduation rate figures for Bullitt County put the district behind state averages, superintendent Keith Davis isn't overly concerned.

    The data, which calculates the graduation rate for the Class of 2011, shows that two schools are well below the state average but Davis is convinced several factors play a part in the numbers.

  • Volunteer tutors help improve learning skills

     Bullitt County students have a secret weapon available to help them be successful with their studies. It's a group of volunteer tutors willing to donate their time and their skills to produce a measureable impact on grades. 

    Who are these supermen and women?  Computer geeks, retired teachers, retired military officers, parents, engineers, scientists, writers, grandparents, bankers, mail carriers and more - all are volunteer tutors for Community Partners for Learning in Bullitt County Public Schools. 

  • Bullitt Lick determined to be among best

      Each e-mail Bullitt Lick Middle School Principal Robert Fulk sends out carries the same closing affirmation: