Local News

  • NCLB targets being met in Bullitt

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - It is certainly not where Bullitt County school officials want to be. However, they are pleased that the district schools are making progress in meeting the federal No Child Left Behind standards.

        Even with higher marks to meet, Bullitt County schools saw an increase in the number of targets being met, according to results released on Thursday.

  • Public forums set up to talk about smoking

          SHEPHERDSVILLE - Do you have an opinion - pro or con - regarding a possible smoking ban in public places in Bullitt County?

        If so, the Bullitt County Health Department and Partners in Prevention will hold a series of public forums to hear what you think.

        Recently, an air quality survey was conducted by the University of Kentucky.

        At the forums, those results from the January/February 2010 testing will be shared with the public.

  • Man pleads to manslaughter; could get 20 years

        MOUNT WASHINGTON - A man has entered a plea to spend 20 years in prison following a traffic accident last year that took the life of a Taylorsville man.

        Kevin Sterling Sullivan, 23, entered a guilty plea to manslaughter in the second degree and five counts of wanted endangerment.

        According to Nick Raley, assistant commonwealth attorney, a plea agreement was reached earlier this month after a five-hour mediation session was conducted by Senior Status Judge Julia Adams.

  • School tax to increase by 4 percent plex proposed

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - Gary Wooldridge favored a compromise agreement on the proposed increase in the school property tax on Tuesday.

        However, as chairman with the tie-breaking vote, Wooldridge was placed in what he considered not a very tough position.

        While he didn’t want to see taxes increase by the proposed amount, he also realized that the school district couldn’t keep moving forward with some additional revenue.

  • Maraman steps down from council; Samuels to fill seat until January

        LEBANON JUNCTION - For the first time since 1995 the people of Lebanon Junction will not have Ozzie Maraman representing them on city council...at least not for now.

        When Maraman retired from Lebanon Junction Elementary School on June 1 after 28 years of service on the janitorial staff, he was told that he wasn’t allowed to hold public office for at least three months after retirement, according to Kentucky statute.

        With his hands tied by the state, he was forced to submit his resignation to the council.

  • All clear after NB gas leak

        HEBRON ESTATES - North Bullitt High School received an all clear following a brief evacuation Thursday morning.

        Principal Tracey Lamb said students were evacuated due to a gas smell within the building.

        Zoneton Fire units responded to the school. No gas leaks were detected upon an investigation.

        Students were evacuated approximately 15 minutes, Lamb said.

  • Man charged in apartment bomb incident

    UPDATE: 09/13

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - A resident in a local apartment complex has been charged in an incident Friday night.

        Jason Napper, 38, of Shepherdsville, was charged on Monday with seven counts of wanton endangerment.

        According to a release from the Shepherdsville police department, Napper was treated for injuries occurring when an explosion occurred at LaPort Apartments.

  • MW teen hospitalized after being struck on 44

    MOUNT WASHINGTON - A local teenager was taken to the hospital this morning after he was struck by a car while crossing Highway 44.

        The incident occurred around 7 a.m. near Bullitt East High School when police said the 15-16 year-old victim was crossing the street on his way to school.

        Officer S.D. Hill of the Mount Washington Police Department said witnesses claimed he darted in front of two cars, missing the first car before being hit by a vehicle traveling in the westbound lane.

  • Plenty of Down Home Old Fashion Celebration to go around this weekend

    LEBANON JUNCTION - It’s that time of year again.

        Time to let loose and have some good ole fashion fun at the 61st annual  Old Fashion Days Festival in downtown Lebanon Junction.

        This year’s event is sure to please, offering the same great family friendly attractions that folks have come to love, as well as a few new favorites.

  • Emergency at jail solved as panel to be repaired

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - Being trapped inside a pair of jail doors is not a pleasant experience, whether you are the inmate or the employee.

        And not being sure if the cell doors are locked or not is definitely a dangerous situation for the deputies.

        Feeling that the security of the jail was at a state of emergency, Bullitt Fiscal Court was able to purchase a new control panel Tuesday.