Local News

  • VOTE TUESDAY...Full ballot to greet voters

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - A campaign that started as early as last summer for some candidates will come to a close on Tuesday.

        Over 50,000 Bullitt Countians could go to the polls, although estimates voter turnout estimates range in the area of 25-40 percent.

        For a second time, Bullitt Countians will be voting on paper ballots and the new precincts eliminated many of the lines during the spring election.

  • Roberts, Hardin seek top spot as county judge

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - One left the world of the classroom to enter politics.

        The other ended a career in law enforcement to seek a governmental office.

        Both will face off on Tuesday in a race for the seat of Bullitt County Judge/Executive.

        Four years ago, Melanie Roberts started election day as a science teacher at Cedar Grove Elementary. By the time the final votes were counted, she would become the first female county judge.

  • Seven battle for six council spots in LJ

        LEBANON JUNCTION - Seven hopefuls will battle for the six positions on the Lebanon Junction City Council.

    Larry Dangerfield, 57

        Finishing out his first term on the Lebanon Junction City Council, Dangerfield hopes to continue his service to help the city progress.

        “Being raised in Lebanon Junction it’s my opportunity to help see that the city moves forward to ensure that it remains as good for my children and grandchildren as it has been for me,” he said.

  • Ten battle for six positions on Shep. council

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - With six positions available, 10 candidates will be seeking election to the Shepherdsville City Council.

        Of those on the ballot, four incumbents will face six challengers, including two former councilmembers and a former mayor.

        The six top vote-getters will take office in January 2011.

  • Sheriff's race to be rematch of Tinnell, Greenwell

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - In a rematch of the 2006 general election, Donnie Tinnell will face David Greenwell for the office of sheriff.

        The difference this time is that Tinnell will be running as the incumbent as he received the nod to replace former sheriff Paul Parsley.


    David Greenwell

        As police chief in Pioneer Village, Greenwell enjoys the philosophy of community policing.

  • Ward, Welch in battle for district judge’s position

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - One candidate is seeking her fourth term as Bullitt District Judge.

        And her opponent is basing his campaign on 30 years of practicing law in Bullitt County.

        Incumbent Rebecca Ward is being challenged by Roy Welch to serve as district judge for the next four years.

    Rebecca Ward

        “It’s not a job,” said Ward. “I enjoy helping people.”

  • One election guarantee... new jailer to be selected

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - There is one race where the incumbent is guaranteed not to win another term in office.

        Current jailer Danny Fackler opted to take his state retirement and not run for another four-year term.

        That leaves Democratic primary survivor Martha Knox facing Republican nominee Paul Watkins.

        The two participated in a spirited forum recently and their views on how the jail has been operated and how it should be operated differ.


    Martha Knox

  • Belcher to face Webber for seat in state House

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Linda Belcher is encouraged by the work she was able to accomplish the last two years. But there is more to be done.

    Russell Webber is not pleased with the direction government, in general, is taking.

    Webber, the Republican nominee, is hoping to unseat the incumbent Belcher in the race for state representative in District 49.

    Linda Belcher

    Seeking her second full term, Belcher said that serving people has always been her passion.

  • Tinnell, Ellis face off again for mayor's position

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - It will be two familiar faces battling for the position of mayor in the city of Shepherdsville on Nov. 2.

        In fact, the two men current sit together twice each month during the regular meetings of the Shepherdsville City Council.

        Republican Scott Ellis will challenge incumbent Sherman Tinnell in a rematch of the general election in 2006.

    Scott Ellis

  • Seven battle for six Hillview positions

    HILLVIEW - Six Democrats and one Republican will be battling for the half-dozen positions on the Hillview City Council.

    The top six vote-getters will serve a two-year term beginning in January 2011.

    Incumbents Tim Boggs, Kim Whitlock, Greg Burton, Randall Hill and Jo-Ann Wick will be on the ballot, along with Democrat David Conn and Republican Karen Johnson.

    Of those who responded by sending in questionnaires...

    *Tim Boggs - will be seeking his second term on the council.