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  • Salt brine to be used to treat roads in bad weather

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - When bad weather is predicted in Bullitt County this winter, road department personnel will have another weapon on their side.

    Road foreman Jimmy Stivers said salt brine can not be used to treat roadways, especially those in bad areas.

    He said the state Department of Transportation approved the solution’s purchase from the Middletown facility.

    Motorists have become familiar with the brine over the past year or so in Jefferson County and on state roads in Bullitt County.

  • Congratulations to Elaine

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - A crowd of over 100 people gathered for lunch on Thursday to honor Elaine Wilson, who has been appointed to the position of executive director for adventure tourism at the state level.

    Wilson leaves after 20 years as the executive director of the Shepherdsville-Bullitt County Tourist and Convention Commission.


    Wilson to lead tourism branch

  • School chief worries about state taking surplus funds

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Could the state of Kentucky come and “borrow” excess funds stored away in the coffers of a school district?

    Well, maybe. And there might be ways to secure funds without actually taking them away.

    That concerns members of the Bullitt County Public School Board and its superintendent, Keith Davis.

    Finance director Denise Smith said that has already been a cut in SEEK funds, as well as flexible focus funds, used for programs such as professional development, safe schools and extended school services.

  • County employees will have lesson on insurance policies

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Buddy Smith was given a simple task - find a way to provide health insurance options for county employees with little or no increase in premiums.

    Daunting when the first estimate from the county’s current carrier, Humana, came back with a 45 percent hike.

    As normal, Smith then went to the available insurers and began to seek out policies.

    In the end, the county had one option - Humana.

  • Pioneer Village to hold special meeting to get zoning approved

    PIONEER VILLAGE - A new business is planning a grand opening on Nov. 21.

    However, there is just one little problem - the property is not zoned for commercial use.

    The Pioneer Village City Council may be able to solve that dilemma as it will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

    Brookland Realty Co. is hoping to rezone a .75-acre tract near the corner of Preston Highway and Hebron Lane from R-1 Residential to B-2 Central Business.

  • Officer returns to work; appeal still pending with civil service

    SHEPHERDSVILLE -- A Shepherdsville police officer returned to work on Saturday but his appeal of disciplinary action taken against him is still pending.

    Brent Dawson returned to work for the Shepherdsville Police Department on Saturday after serving a 30-day unpaid for his involvement in an allegedly illegal gambling operation in Hillview.

    The long-time officer was charged in Bullitt District Court with loitering in a gambling establishment off Bells Mill Lane in August. He was not on duty at the time.

  • Burress, Spainhour attend circuit judges’ fall college

    FRANKFORT - Chief Circuit Judge Rodney D. Burress and Family Court Judge Elise Givhan Spainhour, who serve Bullitt County, participated in the 2009 Circuit Judges Fall College held Sept. 20-24 in Lexington.

    The Administrative Office of the Courts offered the college for Circuit Court judges and Family Court judges throughout the state.

  • Shepherdsville gets suggestion to repair facility, charge fees

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - City officials closed down the use of its new gym due to issues over maintenance and vandalism.

    Now, Shepherdsville officials are looking at what needs to be done on its community center located behind the old city hall on Frank E. Simon Avenue.

    Bob Meek, scoutmaster for Troop 686, recently wrote a letter to city officials voicing some concerns about the community center, which the Boys Scouts remodeled several years ago.

  • Redistricting approved for area schools for next fall

    SHEPHERDSVILLE -- He called it the most difficult decision he's had to make while serving on the Bullitt County Public School Board.

    And Gary Wooldridge has had to make that decision twice in less than two full terms on the board.

    While just one parent spoke on Tuesday, Wooldridge knows that many parents and students may be unhappy with the redistricting plan approved. At the same time, he knows there would be no way to make everyone happy.

  • Wilson to lead adventure tourism branch

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Elaine Wilson is pleased with the strides made during her 20 years as leader of the Shepherdsville-Bullitt County Tourist and Convention Commission.

    And while she wasn’t looking to a new adventure, some people at the state tourism cabinet had different thoughts.

    When the position of executive director of the state tourism cabinet’s adventure tourism was offered, Wilson couldn’t pass up the opportunity.