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  • Local teachers give coaches excellent marks

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - In only its second year, the placement of curriculum coaches seems to have been a positive one in Bullitt County Public Schools.

    But instead of taking perceptions as the gospel, teachers were given the opportunity to take a short survey on the effectiveness of the 16 coaches currently working in the school district.

    Of those who took the survey, 423 teachers had utilized the curriculum coach at their school and their responses were favorable on every question asked.

  • Board opts for alternate calendar; fall break turns to Turkey week

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Students and teachers won’t start back to school quite as early in August as proposed.

    But they will each return to the classrooms a day earlier than this year.

    With a draft proposal from the calendar committee in hand, Bullitt County Public School Board members received two other options Tuesday evening from superintendent Keith Davis.

    In looking at the options, board members unanimously accepted a version that would alter some of the original proposals.

  • Southeast Bullitt battles house fire near Cedar Grove Road

    CEDAR GROVE – A Thursday morning fire severely damaged a home near Cedar Grove Road.

    Southeast Bullitt Fire units responded to a call on a house fire at 599 Wilderness Trail around 10:45 a.m.

    The homeowner, Rob Wafzig, was not at home when the fire took place.

    The house received heavy damage to the roof on one side. Southeast Bullitt chief Julius Hatfield said an interior stairway leading to the second level had been damaged and firefighters could not access the upstairs rooms from inside.

  • County still faces issues over facilities

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - If snow falls in Shepherdsville, it might not be a good idea to park or walk too close to the county courthouse or the judicial center.

    You might wind up with some snow crashing down upon you.

    Justin Howlett of Garland Industries said many of the plastic snowguards placed atop the judicial center had already popped off.

    And the courthouse never had any type of safeguards installed.

  • Pharmacy suffers third break-in; police have new video photos

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Police continue to investigate a series of robberies at a local pharmacy.

    The Medica Pharmacy, located at 181 Highway 44 East, was robbed on Jan. 18. It was the third robbery at the location since Dec. 8.

    Shepherdsville Police Sgt. Ken Bernardi said investigators believed the break-in’s were committed by the same perpetrators.

    “The methods are pretty close,” he said.

  • Hallman trial: Jurors listen to evidence in shooting death

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - A 12-member jury panel will have the task of determining whether Steven Hallman murdered his wife or whether the two were wrestling with a gun that discharged and killed the 22-year-old woman.

    The two scenarios were set up by attorneys representing the prosecution and the defense Wednesday as the murder trial against Hallman began. The jury may get the case to decide by the end of this week.

    On Oct. 13, 2007, Kimberly Ann Hallman died of a gunshot wound to her brain at the couple’s town home on Miles Drive off Beech Grove Road.

  • New school in MW worries residents of Wilchar Estates

    MOUNT WASHINGTON - The construction of a new school is normally a time of excitement, especially for students and teachers attending the new facility.

    However, if the school is built literally in your backyard, there may be reasons for concerns.

    Such was the case Tuesday as over a dozen residents of Wilchar Estates off Highway 44 East voiced their concerns to members of the Bullitt County Public School Board.

    The board is looking to construct its newest elementary school on property it owns behind Mount Washington Middle School.

  • Educators sing praise of monthly early release days

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Any rumblings board members or superintendent Keith Davis may hear about the monthly two-hour early release of students might be alleviated after Tuesday evening.

    For an hour, educators from around the district trumpeted the successes seen in just the first four two-hour blocks where teachers have uninterrupted time to work on providing students better educations in Bullitt County.

    Part of the first quarterly educational assessment meeting of the new year dealt with the results of the early release days, which are the second Wednesdays of each month.

  • Attorney seeks to have charges on youth president dismissed by judge

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - The charges that Shelly Strong improperly took money belonging to the Shepherdsville Raiders football program should be dismissed.

    That is the request defense attorney Angie Etherton has made of Bullitt Circuit Judge Rodney Burress.

    However, the matter, which is set for a Feb. 3 trial date, is being taken under consideration by Burress.

    During a recent hearing, Etherton said the charge of theft by unlawful taking should be dismissed against Strong because of various issues.

  • Man charged in rape, sodomy of family babysitter

    HILLVIEW - A Bullitt County man is in jail after being charged with rape and sodomy against a teenage girl.

    Jeremy M. Frank, 28, of northern Bullitt County, was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with first-degree rape and sodomy.

    He is being held in the Bullitt County Detention Center on a $75,000 cash bond.

    According to Det. Scotty McGaha of the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department, a 15-year-old girl was babysitting for Frank's children in November and December 2008.

    On two occasions, the victim alleged that Frank raped and sodomized her.