Local News

  • Local Farm Bureau earns Gold Star Awards

     Bullitt County Farm Bureau earned numerous Gold Star Awards during the Kentucky Farm Bureau's annual meeting.

    Kentucky Farm Bureau, with more than 478,000 member families statewide, is the state's largest general farm organization.

    Recognized for the achievements of its women’s program this year, Bullitt County Farm Bureau received the 2017 Gold Star Award of Excellence during Kentucky Farm Bureau’s annual meeting in Louisville.

  • Anything for Operation Santa

     Overdale staff, including Caitlin Valdez, along with local police officers, including Hillview officer Scott Barrow, agreed to take a pie in the face as part of the Operation Santa program at the elementary school.

    Hillview's Operation Santa program donated 400 boxes full of food and toys to area families. The annual program is organized by the city's recreation department.

    Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 86, based in Hillview, held vaqrious fundraising events at area schools, collecting over $1,700 for the program.

  • Health staff also worried about impact on pension

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- The good news is that your might have over $600,000 in surplus funds.

    The bad news is that retirement benefit changes might require you to come up with another $465,000.

    The moral of the story is that the Bullitt County Public Health Board will not be spending any excess fees in the near future.

    Bullitt County Health Department director Andrea Renfrow said that the good news in terms of revenue is that frugal spending and some state assistance will result in the district having surplus funds.

  • Merit board affirms decision of sheriff in deputy’s appeal

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- A merit board stood behind the action taken by the Bullitt County sheriff.

    Deputy Daniel Miller filed an appeal to the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Merit Board after he was moved to a first shift position.

    Rob Flaherty, an assistant county attorney representing sheriff Donnie Tinnell, told the merit board that Miller had a documented medical condition which made it difficult for him to work at night.

  • ROADSHOW for the week beginning January 1, 2018

     Inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances may occur, so the information below is strictly of an advisory nature and is subject to change with no notice.

    Pothole patching, sweeping, drain & ditch cleaning, pavement marking, and maintenance crews may work on major interstates in the Louisville Metro area only during non-peak daytime hours and at night.  Motorists should watch for roadside maintenance and pavement marking crews on interstates and highways throughout the rest of the district on a daily basis.


  • New traffic signal activation on US 31E in Jefferson County

      LOUISVILLE - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) announces activation of a new traffic signal at the intersection of US 31E (Bardstown Road) and Broad Run Parkway in Jefferson County. 

    The signal is scheduled to be turned on flash mode Wednesday, Jan. 3 in an effort to make motorists aware of the new traffic conditions. The signal will flash yellow for traffic on Bardstown Road and red for traffic on Broad Run Parkway.

  • Reindeer Games for Operation Santa at Hebron Middle

      HEBRON ESTATES - Some local officers dodged a few bullets from the students at Hebron Middle School.

    The bullets were in the form of dodgeballs, as the students took on police and school officials in fun contests.

    The event was a fundraiser for the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 86 in Hillview, with all proceeds donated to the Hillview Operation Santa program.

    Hillview Police, Bullitt County Sheriffs, and Bullitt County EMS employees participated in the event. Students were allowed to participate in the contests by donating $1.

  • New firehouse closer for Shepherdsville

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Knowing there was a need for a firehouse south of the Salt River, Shepherdsville officials have been talking about such a facility for several years.

    And, money has been set aside in the budget to get the process moving.

    In 2018, it appears, reality will happen.

    Utilizing a tract of property which had been donated to the city years ago by the developers of the Cedar Grove Business Park, plans are now underway and bids will soon be solicited for the project.

  • LJ resident hopes resources can turn lives around

     LEBANON JUNCTION—A new information station has landed in Lebanon Junction and is already helping improve the lives of the city’s residents.

    Designed to help turn resident’s life around through the use of education, the aptly named Turnaround Resource Center, located at 11980 South Preston Highway, officially opened in November.

  • Johnson, Belcher in special election

      SHEPHERDSVILLE -- The day after the death of her husband, Rebecca Johnson said that she intended to run for his seat in the state House of Representatives.

    Johnson will get that opportunity as the Bullitt County Republican Party voted Thursday evening to nominate her for the Feb. 20 special election.

    The Bullitt County Democratic Party nominated Linda Belcher as its candidate.

    Johnson and Belcher will face off on Feb. 20 in a special election to fill the 49th District House seat vacated when Dan Johnson died last month.