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  • ELECTION 2008: Turnout over 63 percent; look for split in precincts

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Still seeking to have the final results completed by 10 p.m. on an election night, Bullitt County Clerk Kevin Mooney was pleased with what happened on Tuesday despite not quite making his goal.

    And a record number of Bullitt Countians came to the polls, which will result in election officials decision to start looking at redistricting for the 2010 campaign.

    Over 31,000 voters went to cast ballots on Tuesday, representing about 63 percent turnout, according to Mooney.

  • Unheralded Eagles fly high in big win

    HEBRON ESTATES - When Western Warrior coaches were looking at game film to scout the North Bullitt Eagles, they probably didn’t focus on a guy named Travis Ridley flying around in the defensive secondary.

    And they probably didn’t see James Whitfill streaking across the field for a touchdown reception or Dalton Hadley coming into the game to spark a key scoring drive.

    And the coaches never imagined the golden-shoed David Elmore would be the leading Eagle rusher.

  • FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Bullitt East to advance to 4A state semifinals

    FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Results for November 28

    BULLITT EAST 26, North Bullitt 7

    See Monday's edition of The Pioneer News and www.pioneernews.net for full stories on each game.




  • Moratorium placed on roads taken into system

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Meadowland Trail may have been the last road to be taken into the county maintenance program in the near future.

    Citing budgetary shortfalls, road foreman Jimmy Stivers requested the county place a moratorium on taking in any new roads.

    New roads built to county specifications would have to be accepted.

    Bullitt Fiscal Court members unanimously approved the request.

    County officials made no other comments on the decision.

  • Scouts help to clean up Barren River shore

    The Boy Scouts of Shepherdsville Troop 868 and the Cub Scouts of Shepherdsville Cub Scout Pack 868 both spent Saturday, Sept. 20, scouring sections of the shoreline at Barren River Lake picking up trash.  The annual lakeshore cleanup event is sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  This marks the ninth consecutive year that Troop 868 has participated and the first year for Pack 868.

  • Plenty of movie ideas here in Bullitt County

    It’s okay to be a little scared at Halloween. It’s actually kind of fun. Old traditions of days past used to literally frighten people. Today they are a constant source of Halloween entertainment.

    Trick-or-treaters are the most common take on this change. Kids used to dress as hobos and tramps, begging for candy and treats. Now they dress up from the best-known celebrities to the creepiest of souls.

  • Four months after proposal defeated, Shepherdsville City Council again considers Sunday liquor sales

    SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Four months to the week after the original bid to extend alcohol sales was defeated, Shepherdsville officials again have the proposal on the plate.

    A vote could come at the Monday, Dec. 9, meeting.

    For a second time in the past five months, the Shepherdsville City Council will have two proposals that would allow the sale of malt beverages, wine and distilled spirits in certain locations on Sundays.

  • Tricks or Treats at Zoneton Firehouse

    One of Bullitt County's newer and popular traditions is a safe night of trick-or-treating during an annual event hosted by the Zoneton Fire Department.

    More than 1,500 trick-or-treaters showed up at Zoneton's  Station 1 on Preston Highway Halloween night.

    The children enjoyed food, visiting each candy station and tethered hot air balloon rides.

    Local businesses and organizations passed out candy at each station.

    Members of the fire department also dressed up and took part in the festivities.

  • Chargers score early, often in playoff opener

    MOUNT WASHINGTON - Everything went according to plan on Friday for the Bullitt East Chargers as the red and gold opened the Class 4-A play-offs with a 63-6 victory over Atherton.

    The game was not expected to be close and it certainly wasn’t as the Chargers were up 50-0 at halftime. The running clock in the second half kept the offense to a minimum and Atherton did not score until the final play of the game.

  • Slow start can't diminish dream year for Cougars

    RICHMOND - If there was one chink in the armor of the Bullitt Central Cougars during a record-breaking 2008 season, it was a propensity for starting slow.

    More often than not, the Cougars managed to overcome that in the regular season en route to winning eight of 10 contests.

    But that is a dangerous game to play in the post-season. The Cougars learned that lesson on Friday as their season came to an end with a 38-26 loss to Madison Central in the first round of the Class 6-A play-offs.