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  • Still no quorum for Shepherdsville

      For a second straight meeting, the Shepherdsville City Council did not meet.

    Only two councilmembers  -- Dana James and Gloria Taft -- were present when mayor Brian James called the meeting to order at 6:35pm.

    Councilmember Ashley Bratcher had a work conflict. Councilmembers Larry Hatfield, Bernie Brown and Randy Hammond did not attend as litigation has been filed over the Feb. 9 selection of Brian James as the new mayor.

  • Dragons breathe fire on East’s dreams

     VALLEY STATION – A poor start to the third quarter put the Bullitt East Chargers in a deep hole on Monday in the championship game of the Class Act Boys’ Sixth Region Championship game against defending champion Doss.

    From a 26-26 halftime tie, the Chargers found themselves down 39-27 five minutes into the period and it was an uphill struggle from there. The red and gold made a furious rally, pulling within 47-45 with 3:12 to play before Doss scored seven straight points to put the game out of reach en route to winning 58-54.

  • MW man indicted on sex charges

     MOUNT WASHINGTON -- A local man remains in the Bullitt County Detention Center after being indicted on 27 sex-related allegations.

    Dennis Roy Schliebener, 59, of Mount Washington, is facing 27 Class D felony counts involving minors.

    All the charges carry a possible penalty of 1-5 years in prison.

    The Bullitt County Grand Jury recently indicted Schliebener on seven counts of distribution of matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor.

  • Parks Board working on goal to have outside hoops at schools

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Obesity is a problem facing the youth in many corners of the country.

    Bullitt County is not immune to the changing tides in physical activity for local youngsters.

    The Bullitt County Parks Board is looking at ways to give youngsters of all ages more opportunities for outside exercise.

    Probably the biggest feat of the parks board over the past couple of years has been the installation of lighting at the basketball goals next to Roby Elementary.

  • Opinions vary over plan to pay off debt to state

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- The comments and questions were varied when the topic of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office and its financial disagreement with fiscal court began Tuesday evening.

    The controversy has been surrounding the county’s funding of the sheriff’s office and a deficit which had built up over the first four years of sheriff Dave Greenwell’s term.

  • Bullitt East FFA learn special lessons from regional vice president Meyer

    MOUNT WASHINGTON—- Bullitt East High School celebrated National FFA Week with a special guest: Central Region Vice President Abrah Meyer.

    Meyer spent the morning teaching the club life lessons like everyone matters, each person is important and, ultimately, valuing other people.

    “It’s been great to see students’ thoughts really just click,” Meyer said. “Seeing it shift from just knowing we should value other people to really committing to do it has been a cool transition.”

  • Fox Chase tax rates to remain steady this year

     FOX CHASE - They won’t make quite as much money, but the Fox Chase City Council agreed to remain steady with tax rates.

    Real property rates will stay at 13.88 cents per $100 of property, while personal property rates and public service company rates remain at 17.45 cents.

    Due to an increase of about $177,000 in Homestead exemptions for some city residents, city attorney Mark Edison said the tax base continues to decrease.


    The cost of food in America remains affordable.  According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, American consumers spend, on average, just over 10 percent of their disposable income for food annually.  The consumer makes enough money to pay for this food in about seven weeks.

    In recognition of this, Bullitt County Farm Bureau is celebrating Food Check-Out Week by delivering food items to the residents of Colonial House in Shepherdsville on Wednesday, March 1 to celebrate this special time.

  • Do you know how Bullitt County got its name?

     Bullitt County was founded in 1796.  Bullitt County was formed from parts of Jefferson County and Nelson County.  Its location is in the western Bluegrass Region known as the knobs.

    The first people to inhabit this area were the Paleo Indians.  They were hunters and some of the Native American Indians were Shawnee and Cherokee. 

    This area had mineral springs or salt licks, where big game of mammoth and bison once roamed.  This area was considered the Indians homeland and hunting grounds.

  • AG secures indictment of Louisville business owner stealing from customers

     FRANKFORT –  Attorney General Andy Beshear announced that Bradley Pickel, co-owner of ASAP Exteriors, was indicted yesterday for theft by deception by the Nelson County Grand Jury.

    Pickel faces a felony charge for taking payments from customers for home repairs or improvements that were not completed.

    “Consumers have a right to receive acceptable goods and legitimate services,” Beshear said. “My office is here to protect consumers by prosecuting unscrupulous business owners who prey on customers.”