Today's News

  • Ethics panel finds no conflict in EDA appointee

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - Any litigation that Debby Carter’s company may have with the city of Hillview should not interfere with her appointment to the county’s Economic Development Authority.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 04/11/12

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at recent legal action involving the City of Shepherdsville's maintenance department.

  • Spring break in the county a bit different

     For the first time in five years, spring break is being spent in the county thanks to my son’s graduation.

  • The Last Supper

     In celebration of Easter, Belmont Baptist Church put on a play about the Last Supper and the events that led to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Lebanon Junction resident Steve Taylor played the role of Jesus.

  • Track teams stampede to spring break

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - Over the past decade, the high school track season pretty much just got organized before spring break and then got serious after spring break.
     However, in 2012, that has all changed. A later than normal spring break for Bullitt County students, combined with an earlier end to the track season, has meant that spring break is pretty much the midway point of the season.

  • Central's Miller to play college softball at Spalding

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt Central senior Whitney Miller wasn't sure if she wanted to play softball when she was in college.
     One thing she did know was that she didn't want to go very far from home for college.
     Things all worked out recently when Miller signed to play softball at Spalding University in downtown Louisville. Miller was able to stay close to home and the school had a softball program that fit her skills.

  • This is a short spring season for track and tennis

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - Both the 'most asked question' and 'most confusing answer' of this spring are one and the same.
     When most of the area sports fans get the answer to the question, the first response is either a blank stare or a shake of the head. My next response is that I feel their pain.

  • East's Duvall looks to expand track opportunities at Centre

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - Already one of the best hurdlers in the area for the past few seasons, Bullitt East senior Jacob Duvall is thinking bigger with his future.
     During a camp last summer at Centre College in Danville, Duvall met and worked with former Olympic great Jackie Joyner-Kersey. Word then got back to Centre College track coach Lisa Owens who also watched Duvall work-out.
     Joyner-Kersey and Owens came to the same conclusion -- Duvall is athletic enough for the decathlon.

  • Committee has plan for county's future

                SHEPHERDSVILLE - Ask anyone involved with the Bullitt County Strategic Planning Task Force what the county needs to become a model community, more than likely you'll hear a one word answer: planning. 

  • Schools rally together to help tornado victims in two states

                From cash to clothing, Bullitt County Public Schools students are contributing to help victims of violent weather in Indiana and Kentucky.

                The Bullitt Advanced Math and Science (BAMS) class decided not to do their out of state trip this summer and donate funds to those that suffered damage from the recent tornados.