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  • City says decision on MSD long in the future

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - Any decision on whether to enter into a partnership of any kind with the Metropolitan Sewer District would be months and months into the future.

  • St. Aloysius to celebrate 100th birthday

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - From humble beginnings a Catholic parish began, and in humble transitional times it looks to continue further.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 09/05/12

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at gas prices during the recent Labor Day holiday weekend.

  • Whatever the name, focus needed on parks system

     Members of the newly-recreated Bullitt County Parks and Recreation board may have been shocked at the discussion during their second meeting.

  • Local teen takes the cake and a ribbon

     This year at the Kentucky State Fair, John Marsolek Jr. won first place and a blue ribbon in the Junior Culinary division. 

    The 13-year-old made a Snoopy cake for his dog-theme entry. 

    He also won a third-place ribbon during the Bullitt County Fair for the Chocolate dessert contest. The previous year, he placed second. 

    This was not the first time John won at the Kentucky State Fair. In 2010, his "star" themed cake won a blue ribbon for cake decorating. 

  • Hebron Estates deals with housing

          HEBRON ESTATES - While governmental agencies are facing a larger number of homes which are being left abandoned through the foreclosure process, some residents are wondering what will be done.

         In the city of Hebron Estates, while officials did have the outdoor lawn mowed occasionally, neighbors are concerned about what it going on inside a particular home.

  • Meeting gives few clues on Hillview's plan on jury verdict

          HILLVIEW - About a dozen residents wanted to find out more about the fate of their city.

         And they came to find out how the city planned to pay the $11.4 million judgment rendered earlier in the month in a Bullitt County civil lawsuit filed by Truck America Training.

         But after sitting through a one-hour executive session Tuesday night, residents found out little.

  • Trash talk to make sure roads clean

          SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt Fiscal Court members recently talked trash and for once it wasn't about each other.

         During the last regular meeting of fiscal court, members voted unanimously to seek grant funding from the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet for the county's litter abatement program.

         As Bullitt County Solid Waste Coordinator Larry Hatfield explained, the program is responsible for making sure trash is picked up along public roadways.

  • Parks and Rec... Future form may change

          SHEPHERDSVILLE - What will be the shape of the newly-revamped Bullitt County Parks and Recreation Board?

         And could it mean the end of the county-funded parks and recreation department?

         These are just a couple of questions discussed during the August meeting of the parks board.

         Bullitt County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts gave an overview of clarifications she had received on the role of the board.

  • Policy to deal with employee, elected official issue

          SHEPHERDSVILLE - Over the past several years, the question has arisen.

         Can a county employee serve on an agency such as the city council?

         The opinion of some has changed over the years.

         Currently, David Conn, who is in charge of the numbering system and enforcement for the planning commission, is serving his first term as a member of the Hillview City Council.