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  • Planning key to avoiding dry ground at pools

    Bullitt County government loses several thousand dollars each week that it operates swimming pools at its four locations.

    This year, the losses will be less as only one pool - behind Maryville Elementary - appears ready to meet the new federal safety standards and will open sometime this week.

    With only one pool open, it will provide a bit of insight on whether people will travel several miles to take advantage of the county facility.

    It would also provide a bit of leverage for a group looking to open a single indoor swimming facility.

  • Changing of name won't solve issues

    For years, Bullitt Lick Middle School had a nickname that wasn’t the kindest of monikers.

    There is a proposal now to change the school’s name and maybe even its mascot and colors. This is not the right way to reach the desired results.

    Kids will be kids and they probably have nicknames for all their rival schools.

    However, for the past 33 years, Bullitt Lick has been a part of the community.

    Yes, it has suffered through some tough educational times but simply changing a name will not erase any or all of the school’s history.

  • Courtney takes over Lady Eagle basketball program

    HEBRON ESTATES - A dream born when she first started playing basketball has become a reality for Amber Courtney.

    Just a few weeks after long-time North Bullitt girls’ basketball coach Bill Robinette stepped down, Courtney was give the reigns to the Lady Eagles recently, getting her first head coaching position at the age of 26.

  • We appeal to cooler heads on fire suit

    After 10 years in the making, someone has finally officially told Shepherdsville officials that their fire department is “regular.”

    In layman’s terms, it doesn’t mean a lot.

    In legal terms, it means that some residents who live in the city limits but also live in what is the fire taxing districts of Southeast Bullitt and Nichols may not be facing a second tax in the future.

  • Don’t Let Foodborne Illness Spoil Your Independence Day

    FRANKFORT - The Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) wants all Kentuckians to observe a happy and safe Independence Day by following a few simple food preparation and handling guidelines during outdoor cookouts, picnics and barbecues.

  • Survivors have stories of hope, pain after long battles with cancer

    HEBRON ESTATES – For 25 years, the Relay for Life has raised funding toward cancer research.

    At the Bullitt County Relay, each year brings new hope for the many participating survivors and their caregivers.

    Many of the survivors are now regulars, attending each year to celebrate life and to share their ongoing hope with others.

    Brenda Smothers

    Mount Washington resident Brenda Smothers went for her regular mammogram in 2005 when she received news every person dreads: the procedure revealed a lump in her breast.

  • McClintock has spent lifetime at Overdale School

    HILLVIEW - If Overdale Elementary is an example of a functioning body, Carolyn McClintock is the heart.

    The Overdale secretary has been with the school since its inception, a member of its first graduating class.

    “I was here the first year in sixth grade,” said McClintock. “Then the next year they built onto the school. They added seventh grade and then eighth grade, so we were the first ones.”

  • City again talks about insurance

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Don Cundiff has been talking for years about the government’s philosophy of providing full medical coverage for Shepherdsville employees.

    Each time the discussion is mentioned, it is normally around the time the Shepherdsville City Council is passing its new budget for the fiscal court.

    On the night when the council would unanimously approve the 2009-10 budget, Cundiff once again brought up the discussion.

  • First in state tennis tourney

    Bullitt East sophomore Makeala Knight played in her first Kentucky State Tennis Tournament last Thursday at the University of Kentucky.

    It was a good learning experience as Knight defeated Zunilda Lynch of Onieda Baptist Institute 6-2, 6-0 in the first round before losing to Anne Marie Lyon of Lexington Christian 6-0, 6-0 in the second round.

  • Baseball coaches have the toughest calls to make

    LEXINGTON - Like most of us, baseball coaches don’t have the ability to change the past.

    Hindsight might be 20/20, but picking a pitching rotation is part of the real world.

    No matter which way a coach goes, he will always wonder if the road not taken had better scenery. Meet up with one die-hard fan a day later and the coach will be told about the wonderment of the option he failed to take.