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  • Belcher looks to claim 49th District

    SHEPHERDSVILLE -- It has been probably the most intriguing campaign Linda Belcher has faced in her quest to be state representative of the 49th District.
        Seeking her fourth term in office, Belcher is concentrating on her race, staying positive and not trying to answer some of the comments she’s heard and read.
        “We have been able to do a lot of positive things for Bullitt County,” said Belcher. “And we have a lot more things that we’d like to see completed.”

  • Johnson looks to claim 49th District

        MOUNT WASHINGTON -- Watching a campaign is a whole lot different than being the candidate participating in an election.
        If you don’t think so, just ask Dan Johnson.
        Johnson was selected by the Bullitt County Republican Party executive committee to fill the spot on ticket in the 49th District House of Representatives race.

  • Seven battle for six seats in Lebanon Junction

        LEBANON JUNCTION -- Five incumbents and two challengers do battle for the six available seats on the Lebanon Junction City Council.
        The top six votegetters on Nov. 8 will serve a two-year term on the council beginning in January 2017.
        Those seeking office include:

        *Steve W. Geoghegan -- did not respond to a request for interview information.
        This is his first run for the Lebanon Junction City Council.

  • Seven running for six spots on Pioneer Village council

        PIONEER VILLAGE -- Seven individuals will seek six positions on the Pioneer Village City Council.
        The six incumbents, along with challenger Mike Exton, will be looking to serve starting in January 2017.

    Peggy Druin
        Peggy Druin may have a distinction few officeholders possess.
        She not only has served the past 20 years as the Pioneer Village councilmember but she also served a two-year term on the Hebron Estates City Commission.

  • Now it’s time to GO VOTE

        The time has come.
        Forget all the rhetoric.
        Forget all the direct mail pieces and the media ads.
        The time is approaching.
        Next Tuesday, it will be your time to tell everyone in the country who should be the next president.
        It will be time to elect members of the state legislature and the local council races.

  • Area teams could be very competitive this November

        SHEPHERDSVILLE – I’ll be the first to admit that no Bullitt County football team has really jumped up and grabbed the imagination of their fan bases this fall.

  • Ten candidates battle for six MW council seats

        MOUNT WASHINGTON -- There will six incumbents running to retain their seats on the Mount Washington City Council.
        But, on Nov. 8, there will four candidates who will be looking to make the top six and earn a spot at the council table in January.

        Troy Barr
        As a lifelong resident of Mount Washington, Troy Barr has a tremendous knowledge of and love for his hometown.

  • Accountability is tough subject to fully understand

        The dictionary definition of accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.
        While this definition certainly applies (or should apply) in our politics, our families, or our churches, the word is used differently when it comes to what is known as school accountability.
        In education, school accountability revolves almost exclusively around student testing and is really a synonym of the word “rating.”

  • Seven Counties to become Centerstone of Kentucky

         Centerstone and Seven Counties Services announced Monday that they have finalized an affiliation that will combine their operations, creating a five-state, non-profit behavioral health organization serving more than 150,000 people of all ages annually. The affiliation was unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both organizations.

  • Excess fees from clerk helps cash flow for county government

        SHEPHERDSVILLE -- It’s tax time in most communities.
        It is a time when cash flow is pretty good as property tax dollars are collected.
        But there is also additional revenue.
        Recently, Bullitt County Clerk Kevin Mooney presented a check for $118,150.63 in excess fees from the office to Bullitt Fiscal Court.
        In other business:
        *Jimmy Waters was honored on his retirement after 36 years.