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  • Three look to fill seat on school board

    SHEPHERDSVILLE — Three men will battle on Nov. 4 for the right to fill the last two years of a vacancy on the Bullitt County Public School Board.

    David Cross, Carl “Bud” Johnson Jr. and Tim Wiseheart will be on the ballot for the District 3 spot.

    David Cross

    As a citizen, Cross feels that when a question is asked, an answer should be given.

    In some governmental circles, Cross isn’t sure that is always the result.

  • Two battle for House seat in 49th

    SHEPHERDSVILLE — Two will battle for the House of Representative seat in the 49th District, covering much of Bullitt County.

    But the race is shaping up to be much different than originally thought when the filing deadline passed in January.

    Incumbent Larry Belcher was slated to be challenged by Republican Trina Summers, a longtime councilmember in Shepherdsville.

    However, with the recent passing of Belcher in an auto accident, Summers will face a new opponent on Nov. 4.

  • Eight look to capture six Shepherdsville council seats

    SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Two Republicans and six Democrats will battle for the two-year seats on the Shepherdsville City Council.

    Only six will begin service on Jan. 1, 2009.

    Incumbent Democrats Stacey Dawson Cline, Bonnie Enlow, Tony Miller and Margaret Moore will be joined by former councilmembers Don Cundiff and Larry Hatfield.

    Republicans Alan Wetzel, who has served previously on the council, and Scott Ellis will also battle for the six spots.

    Stacey Dawson Cline

  • Go Vote!

    On Tuesday, it will be that time of the year when your right to have a say in how government operates occurs.

    Voters across the nation will have an opportunity that may in the world do not have -- a chance to select your leaders without any undue pressures or threats.

    During a presidential election, many more people will make a trip to the voting booth not only to select the country’s leader for the next four years but also to pick our local leaders.

  • Fox Chase has seven battling for six seats

    FOX CHASE -- Seven names will be on the ballot.

    But only the top six votegetters will serve on the Fox Chase City Council in January.

    And two of the contestants are husband and wife.

    Currently officeholders Jim Hall, William Winbun, Ted Judd, Phillip Woodruff and Owen Taylor are seeking another two-year term.

    Also on the ballot will be Lottie Judd and Wayne Muscar.

    Jim Hall

    Hall is the veteran of the city council members, having served the past 16 years.

    His main goal is to make the city a better place to live.

  • ELECTION 2008: A great turnout

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - The lines have been long at most polling places in Bullitt County as the 6 p.m. deadline approaches.

    Finding a parking spot and then waiting in line as long as 90 minutes has been common at many polling precincts.

    County clerk Kevin Mooney said that with the exception of a couple of mechanical issues, things were going well.

    Except for the long lines.

    Mooney said the precinct workers were working very well as a team and getting people through the lines as quickly as possible.

  • Three seek district judgeship

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - They are three candidates who had some thoughts about running for the seat of district judge in Bullitt County when current officeholder Bailey Taylor decided to retire.

    Little did they know that the retirement would come in the middle of Taylor’s four-year term.

    As a result, Jennifer Porter, Nick Raley and John Wooldridge find themselves in a race for the remaining two years on the bench.

    The verdict will remain out until the voting jury returns on Nov. 4 from the polls.


    Jennifer Porter

  • Ten candidates seeking six LJ council seats

    LEBANON JUNCTION — There are 10 candidates running for Lebanon Junction City Council this election, and each have a unique view on what assets they could bring to the city, which has recently struggled to attract and retain businesses in the area.

    Voters can learn more about each candidate by reading the following information compiled by The Pioneer News:

    Mary ‘Allie’ Thompson Phillips

    Allie Phillips might not have any previous political experience, but she is committed to helping her community prosper.

  • Incumbent faces challenge in School Board 2nd

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - The battle for District 2 on the Bullitt County Public School Board will pit two men. One of who is serving his first term on the board versus another who is seeking his first elected office.

    Incumbent Gary Wooldridge will be challenged by Marion Arlis Hill.

    The winner will serve a four-year term on the board.

    Marion Arlis Hill

    For years, Hill has been involved with the youth in the community. Starting with football and now in volleyball, Hill wants to help the youth.