Today's News

  • Second bomb threat in month at Courthouse

     UPDATE (1:57 p.m.): The Bullitt County Courthouse building has been cleared and re-opened by officials. Other areas remain evacuated.


    For the second time in a calendar month the Bullitt County Courthouse and surrounding area was evacuated due to an alleged bomb threat.

  • Chargers take Clash, Bullitt Cup

     HEBRON ESTATES -- Coaches are always looking for things which might play a role in a Friday night football game.

  • Shelby's late finish trumps BC's start

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Wanting to rebound from a disappointing game the week before, Bullitt Central followed the game plan.

  • BEHS students have a special place to call 'home'

     Bullitt East High School is taking extra steps to ensure its student population creates lasting bonds before exiting the school halls forever.

    The school recently instituted a new structure called Houses, which has divided the students into ten homerooms or their “house” with all four grade levels mixed in.

     Fortis (courage), Muneris (responsibility), Spero (hope), Bonitas (goodness), Episteme (knowledge), Tharrhountes (courage), Koinonia (community), Augmentum (growth), Somnium (dream) and Pisti (loyalty) are the ten houses.

  • ROADSHOW for the week beginning Oct. 18, 2013

     Inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances may occur, so the information below is strictly of an advisory nature and is subject to change with no notice. 

    Pothole patching, sweeping, drain & ditch cleaning, pavement marking, and maintenance crews may work on major interstates in the Louisville Metro area only during non-peak daytime hours and at night.  

    Motorists should watch for roadside maintenance and pavement marking crews on interstates and highways throughout the rest of the district on a daily basis. 

  • Bernheim Forest unveils new Earth Measures art sculpture

    Thursday morning at 10 a.m. Bernheim Forest introduced their newest sculpture to the public. Just as the ceremonies were started the sky opened up and a heavy rain fell on the site. Attendees crowded under two 10x10 foot tents or huddled under umbrellas. As speakers were announced, they had to make a mad dash from the tents to an umbrella. Speakers included, Dr. Mark Wourms, Executive Director of Bernheim; Louisville sculpture, Matt Weir, and Edie Bingham, widow of Barry Bingham, Jr.

  • County clears way for college site work

     SHEPHERDSVILLE -- If Bullitt County officials are tardy, classes in a new facility for college courses might be delayed for two years.

  • Bullitt East plays hard but falls 3-1

     LOUISVILLE -- It is not the trophy that the Bullitt East Lady Chargers hope to hold at the end of the soccer season.

  • Bubbles are a BLAST!!!

     BROOKS - A little bit of rain didn’t dampen the spirits at of Brooks Elementary students who were hoping to get soaked anyway.

    The school hosted a Bubble Blast, an after-school outdoor activity for students and their families to promote physical activity.

    An obstacle course was placed behind the school, where participants ran up and down hills through bubbles, sprinklers and other designated water traps.

  • CLASS of 1945

     The Shepherdsville High School Class of 1945 held its 68th class reunion recently at Cattleman’s Roadhouse Restaurant.

    It was the 19th straight year that the classmates have gathered together for a reunion.

    Of the 32 original class members, 15 are still living.

    Classmate Richard Hines has hosted the event every year since the 50th reunion.