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  • Spring forest fire hazard season has begun

         FRANKFORT – Kentucky law designates Feb. 15 through April 30 as spring forest fire hazard season.  During this time, it is illegal to burn anything within 150 feet of any woodland or brushland between the daylight hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. The law is intended to prevent forest fires by allowing outdoor burning only after 6 p.m. when conditions are less likely to cause a wildfire to spread.

  • Hemp part of bills sent to House for consideration

     FRANKFORT – In a 30-day “short session” like this year, it’s difficult for both chambers to fully consider all the bills that have been filed.  However, over the last two weeks, the Senate has taken early action on major legislation, giving the House more time to study those bills.

    This week the Senate passed important bills addressing economic development, the state’s General Fund debt, healthcare, and school safety.

  • Felons Among Us

      Can felons be forgiven, or should they be penalized permanently?

    Your General Assembly continues to increase the number of felony offenses on the statutes.  It happens when we are approached by a constituent or special interest group who want to strongly discourage certain behavior.  A legislator might respond by introducing a bill that increases a penalty from a misdemeanor/violation to a “Class D” felony.  If convicted of a Class D felony, a judge can sentence you for incarceration from one to 5 years. 

  • Religion, Speech, Assembly, Arms, Etc.

     Most Americans rightly look upon our U.S. Constitution with a form of reverence. So it might surprise you to learn that it was fiercely debated in the Congress and the state assemblies prior to its ratification.

  • Free app could help Android phone users find college facts

      FRANKFORT — Kentucky residents can now download a free KHEAA Kentucky College Access app for their Android phones. 

  • Middle School Governor’s Cup

     The following results were from the regional Middle School Governor’s Cup academic competition for Region 11:

  • Six locals headed to state; BC qualifies four for Lexington

     LOUISVILLE – Led by four wrestlers from Bullitt Central advancing to this week’s Kentucky State Wrestling Tournament in Lexington, the local contingent had a good showing over the weekend at the Region III Tournament at Iroquois High School.

  • Board votes to deny conditional use permit for proposed cemetery

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - It was standing room only in the Bullitt Fiscal Court chamber where dozens of Mount Washington residents gathered to speak out against a proposed Islamic cemetery Thursday evening.

    After hearing from those who stated plainly they did not want a cemetery in their neighborhood, as well as representatives of the Louisville Islamic Center, the Bullitt County Board of adjustments voted to deny the applicants' request for a conditional use permit.

  • A GALA of LOVE

     The annual Valentine Gala, sponsored by the American Red Cross in Bullitt and Spencer counties, brought out one of its largest crowds ever Saturday night to Paroquet Springs Conference Centre.

    There was plenty of dancing - by young and not-so-young - to the music of the Wulfe Pack, featuring Sherry Edwards.

    There were lots of gift packages won by ticketholders.

    See more photos by Thomas Barr in the multimedia section of www.pioneernews.net.

  • Group works to mend those with heart ailments

     LOUISVILLE - They are the mended hearts who are helping to mend hearts.