Today's News

  • Second Sunday

     HILLVIEW - Ken Schultz might be a former weatherman, but he brought along great weather for the annual 2nd Sunday event in Bullitt County.

    Schultz acted as grand marshal of the event in Hillview, leading patrons on an opening walk.

    Some 200 people participated at both the Hillview and Shepherdsville designated locations. The 2nd Sunday program was developed by the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

    Joining Schultz was Dr. Praveen Arla, representing the Arla Health Fair, an event tied in with 2nd Sunday.

  • Youth league set to start playoffs this weekend

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - Once again this season, The Pioneer News will run the results from the Greater Bullitt County Youth Football League in each Wednesday’s edition.

  • Cougars need win in the worst way Friday

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - An old rivalry will be renewed on Friday when the Shelby County Rockets invade Bullitt Central for the home game of the season for the Cougars.

  • THE CLASH: Everything on the line in grudge match

     HEBRON ESTATES - It will all be on the line on Friday when North Bullitt and Bullitt East collide for the 32nd time in The Clash.

  • Eagle Football Homecoming

     North Bullitt students selected Taylor Humphrey, daughter of Suzanne and David Humphrey, and Forrest Miller, son of David and Janelle Miller, as the Homecoming Queen and King for the 2011 football season.

  • Charger Football Homecoming

     Bullitt East crowned seniors Carly Coulter and Taylor McMillen as the 2011 Homecoming Queen and King on Friday.

    Coulter is the daughter of Christy and Wayne Coulter while McMillen is the son of Donna Segvich and Joe McMillen.

  • Recipe of the Week 10/12/11

      The recipe for this week is courtesy of Bob Evans Family Restaurant.

    Fast Family Dinners

    Don’t let the back-to-school frenzy put a damper on dinner plans. Soccer, dance, football and piano lessons don’t have to keep the family from sitting down for a meal together.

    Try some of these quick dinner tips and easy recipes for a delicious family dinner - fast.

  • Never too tired to unload more tires

     Thousands of tires were taken to property off Cedar Grove Road last week as part of the state amnesty day.

    Bullitt County solid waste coordinator Larry Hatfield didn’t have an estimate yet but he predicted well over 25,000 tires were disposed of in the state program.

    Inmates helped unload and constable Charlie Wright directed motorists.

    The program was funded by the state.

  • A formula in place to set up successful life

      Every parent wants their children to succeed in life.  While people hold differing opinions on what constitutes success, I’m sure everyone would prefer that their children avoid a life lived in poverty. We know, from exhaustive statistical analysis, just how to avoid that trap.  

  • We love an Old Fashion Parade

     The streets of downtown Lebanon Junction were alive on Saturday as the annual Old Fashion Days parade was held.