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  • Plate of change is full but how hungry are we?

        So, now what do we do since the election is over?

        We roll up our sleeves and get to work.

        While the number of issues discussed during any political season are often masked by the negative advertising, there are definitely platform items to be addressed at all levels of government.

        After we spend a few days getting all the political sign-ups picked up - those who leave signs for weeks, months and years should be fined - then it is time to practice what the winners have been preaching.

  • Shumaker hopes to get write-in nod for mayor's position in LJ

        LEBANON JUNCTION - She always told her children to stand up and support what you believe in.

        Kimberly Shumaker believes Lebanon Junction should be able to return to its days of glory. To return to the days of multiple grocery stores, retail shops and a movie theater, Shumaker is making a bid to become the next mayor of Lebanon Junction.

        Despite the long odds of winning, Shumaker believes she can’t lose by making a write-in candidacy for the office.

  • Ray challenges Mooney for county clerk

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - It’s not that Kim Ray believes the current county clerk is doing an awful job. However, there are some things she would do differently to improve the office.

        But incumbent Kevin Mooney is proud of the improvements made in his first term and looks forward to finishing some of the current projects.

        Mooney, the Democratic nominee, will face the Republican, Ray, in the Nov. 2 general election.


    Kevin Mooney

  • Mayor's field in Hillview continued to grow in 2010

        HILLVIEW - If current mayor Jim Eadens thought he won re-election by virtue of winning the May primary, he was wrong.

        Former mayor Leemon Powell filed this summer as an independent candidate for the position.

        And Jennifer Hogan recently signed up to run a write-in campaign for the seat of Hillview mayor.


    Jim Eadens

        For Eadens, serving the past eight years as mayor has been a pleasure.



    Republican Party: 4,917

    Democratic Party: 3,063



    RAND PAUL (REP): 14,547

    Jack Conway (DEM): 8,608


    UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE, 2nd Congressional District

    S. BRETT GUTHRIE (REP): 15,681

    Ed Marksberry (DEM): 7,047


    STATE SENATOR, 20th District

    PAUL HORNBACK (REP): 13,858

    David Eaton (DEM): 9,146

  • VOTE TUESDAY...Full ballot to greet voters

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - A campaign that started as early as last summer for some candidates will come to a close on Tuesday.

        Over 50,000 Bullitt Countians could go to the polls, although estimates voter turnout estimates range in the area of 25-40 percent.

        For a second time, Bullitt Countians will be voting on paper ballots and the new precincts eliminated many of the lines during the spring election.

  • Roberts, Hardin seek top spot as county judge

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - One left the world of the classroom to enter politics.

        The other ended a career in law enforcement to seek a governmental office.

        Both will face off on Tuesday in a race for the seat of Bullitt County Judge/Executive.

        Four years ago, Melanie Roberts started election day as a science teacher at Cedar Grove Elementary. By the time the final votes were counted, she would become the first female county judge.

  • Seven battle for six council spots in LJ

        LEBANON JUNCTION - Seven hopefuls will battle for the six positions on the Lebanon Junction City Council.

    Larry Dangerfield, 57

        Finishing out his first term on the Lebanon Junction City Council, Dangerfield hopes to continue his service to help the city progress.

        “Being raised in Lebanon Junction it’s my opportunity to help see that the city moves forward to ensure that it remains as good for my children and grandchildren as it has been for me,” he said.

  • Ten battle for six positions on Shep. council

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - With six positions available, 10 candidates will be seeking election to the Shepherdsville City Council.

        Of those on the ballot, four incumbents will face six challengers, including two former councilmembers and a former mayor.

        The six top vote-getters will take office in January 2011.

  • Sheriff's race to be rematch of Tinnell, Greenwell

        SHEPHERDSVILLE - In a rematch of the 2006 general election, Donnie Tinnell will face David Greenwell for the office of sheriff.

        The difference this time is that Tinnell will be running as the incumbent as he received the nod to replace former sheriff Paul Parsley.


    David Greenwell

        As police chief in Pioneer Village, Greenwell enjoys the philosophy of community policing.