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  • Chargers must battle on through painful injuries

    MOUNT WASHINGTON - While the final score of 63-12 was bad, the ramifications of last Friday’s loss to Holy Cross could well be felt deep into this season for the Bullitt East Chargers.

    Friday’s bad news was followed by worse news on Monday as Charger head coach Doug Preston got the medical reports. At least three starters will be out for the next month and there could be a fourth. This on a Class 4-A team that was already playing without two starters before the season even began.

  • Veteran brings stories of his life to MW as he winds down with granddaughter

    MOUNT WASHINGTON - From telling stories about the time he saw a bear in C. C. Camp to the time he saw his commanding officer killed in World War II to the sweet story of the love he shares with his family, Covington Harper’s voice is like silk spun in a slow Southern drawl beckoning from his hometown near Savannah, Ga.

  • Musical series at library hits a good note for those attending

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - The Bullitt County Public Library’s three part summer concert series is in full swing after kicking off in June.

    Recently the library hosted two of Kentucky’s most accomplished musicians for a concert and educational workshop at the Ridgway Memorial Library in Shepherdsville.

    Award winning fiddlers, multi-instrumentalists, music educators and composers Daniel and Amy Carwile delighted patrons

    with their wide range of musical talents as they played a variety of string music and offered basic fiddle instructions.

  • Success Story: Freda Samuels keeps on going

    Ms. Freda lets me know that First of All she wants to thank Doctor Brockman. He has done so much for me and I am eternally gratefully to him. She also wants to mention that he has three locations, St. Matthew, New Albany and Jeffersonville, and that he has 17 years of experience in eye surgery and is also a managing partner of the John Kenyon Eye Center.

    For all that he has done. Ms Freda comments that if it wasn’t for him she would not be able to work, go to church or any other activities that she now does. She had cataracts so bad that she was almost blind.

  • Salem Speedway Aug. 29 unofficial results

    Unofficial Results - FIGURE 8 SHOWDOWN - Salem Speedway, Salem, Indiana, Sunday, August 29, 2010

    International Outlaw Figure 8

    Figure 8 Showdown 50: 1. Chris Green, 2. Chris Harmon, 3. Doug Greig, 4. Johnny Hargraves, 5. Kenny Boggs, 6. Andy Shirley, 7. Dane Laster, 8. Chuckie Hargraves, 9. Gary Bedell, 10. Shawn Cullen, 11. Charlie Hargraves, 12. Jon Lord, 13. Jeff Swinford, 14. Travis Rogers,15. Jeff Hizer, 16. Richard Dickens

    IOFS FWD Figure 8

  • College students can learn to make, save money

    Know your bank balance

        While you’re in college, it’s important to carefully monitor your spending.

        You should know your general bank balance each time you make a transaction, because if you try to debit money that isn’t there, you will bounce a check or your card will deny the purchase.

        By balancing your account every month, you can keep track of your money and any bank fees, sometimes even spotting a rare error.

  • Brooks students, parents say 'wow' to their new facility

    BROOKS - The hard hats worn by the Brooks faculty and staff was a sign to show they are truly working to build an entire community.

    That was the theme portrayed at the Brooks Elementary open house, the first time students and parents were allowed inside the new facility.

    The event was also the first time for teachers to meet face-to-face with the many students redistricted from other schools.

    Principal Cheri Lineweaver greeted as many guests as possible. She said the event allowed for building familiarity.

  • Planners recommend MW housing plans

        MOUNT WASHINGTON - Despite some concerns from nearby residents, Bullitt County Joint Planning Commission members recommended approval for a residential development to continue off Hubbard Lane.

        But planners placed some conditions on the rezoning that would be decided by the Mount Washington City Council.

        John Wooldridge, representing Vincent Downs and SLAM Investments LP, requested to rezone the property from R-2 to R-3 Residential.

  • Yes, Hillview can come up with boundary map

    HILLVIEW - Known for its annexations in all different directions, many wouldn’t believe that you could get a true map for the city of Hillview boundaries.

    But Hillview officials are currently working to have its boundaries surveyed and mapped - on five large sheets of paper.

    City attorney Mark Edison said the state is requiring municipalities to have a surveyed map with boundaries showing all the annexations.

    Brad Armstrong is currently working on the project.

  • Chargers have no answers for Holy Cross' quick start

    MOUNT WASHINGTON - Hit in the mouth on the opening play of the game, the Bullitt East Chargers never got up off the mat on Friday, falling to the Holy Cross Cougars 63-12 in a beat down eerily similar to the 63-15 loss at Shelby County a year ago.

    Holy Cross, one of the top teams in Class A, jumped on top 21-0 before Bullitt East could manage a first down and then cruised to their second straight win to open the season.

    The loss dropped the Chargers to 1-1 heading into another meeting with a west end Catholic school when Bullitt East faces DeSales this Friday.