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  • Efforts result in better test marks

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Bullitt County school officials are by no means satisfied with the recent test marks being handed down this week.

    But they are pleased with the progress being made in both the federal No Child Left Behind act and the state testing formerly known as CATS.

    "We're not at the top yet but we're making a tremendous gain," said superintendent Keith Davis. "The data takes away excuses. It shows that the expectations can be met."

    No Child Left Behind

  • POLICE ALERT: Fraudulent emails

    There is a fraudulent email that is circulating stating it is from the FBI. It looks legitimate, and it uses the names of FBI officials. It is stating that you have won money and must respond with personal information and a $575.00 fee in order to receive your winnings.

  • Lodging down, food up as county tourism surviving tough economic times

    SHEPHERDSVILLE -- If you wonder if the economy is affecting Bullitt County tourism, look no further than the monthly lodging tax.

    In her monthly report, Elaine Wilson, executive director of the Shepherdsville/Bullitt County Tourist and Convention Commission, related how taxes from one source was up for 2009 while another was down.

    Restaurant taxes were up $30,000 through August 2009 but the lodging tax was down.

    The commission is budgeted to generate about $82,500 a month from the two funding sources.

  • Unofficial Results: Six Sigma Championship Night at Salem Speedway

    Unofficial Results: SIX SIGMA CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHT, Salem Speedway, Salem, Indiana, October 3, 2009


    Lucas Oil Super Stocks:


    Eiklor Flames “Hot One” Fast Qualifier: Frank Kimmel II, 18.698

    Six Sigma 50: 1. Frank Kimmel II, 2. Mike Sharp, 3. Todd Kempf, 4. Tony Conway, 5. Tony Johnson, 6. Todd Carr, 7. Justin “Bubba” Trinkle, 8. Shawn Smith, 9. Jerry Norris (DNS), 10. Skeeter Crum (DNS), 11. Daniel Crawford (DNS).


  • Here we move (to 7th) again

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Back up the moving van. Bullitt County is moving again.

    Just five years after making the switch from the Eighth Region to the Sixth Region and from the 29th District to the 24th District, it now appears that starting in the fall of 2010, that the Bullitt County schools will be part of the Seventh Region and be in the 25th District along with Southern and Moore.

  • East repeats as girls' champion

    SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Turning in the best four scores of the day, the Bullitt East Lady Chargers continued to be the lead school in girls’ golf play, winning last week’s Bullitt Cup Championship at Heritage Hill Golf Course.

    The good news is that both North Bullitt and Bullitt Central are making some headway and narrowing the gap on the Lady Chargers.

  • Employee shows why county such a great place

    If anyone questions where you live and why you live there, just point out that Bullitt County is a great community made up of caring people.

    On Aug. 20 an unnamed city employee in Shepherdsville decided that a monument was needed to honor the veterans of military services.

    Absorbing the entire cost, the anonymous employee took care of everything and the monument was officially dedicated.

    Every community is full of caring people. And when the chips are down, you know others will come to offer help.

  • No one immune to untimely events

    Maybe it is the fact that my son is just weeks away from getting his driver’s license.

    Or maybe it is from writing too many stories detailing death coming much too early for too many youths in our community.

    The old belief that the young is indestructible is nothing but a myth.

    Just ask the families of Preston Cissell, Jason Smith and R.D. Reynolds.

    The community lost each of these young men in the recent couple of months. They were lost in different ways but they were all lost much too early in their lives.

  • Woman's Council gets view on how drugs affect county

    SHEPHERDSVILLE -- Some of the material Kenny Hardin normally talks about when discussing the war on methamphetamine was not appropriate on this particular day.

    Speaking to the monthly lunch gathering of the Bullitt County Woman’s Council, the director of the Bullitt County Drug Task Force left some of his material at the office. It wasn’t appropriate for those enjoying lunch.

    Hardin said the county is well on its way to another record year in terms of busting meth labs.

  • Eliminating 'duel' from oath would take fun away

    When legislators return to Frankfort in January, they will face many issues, including the budget crisis, gaming and duels.

    Yes, duels have been part of the Constitutional oath since 1849.

    State Rep. Darryl Owens of Louisville has pre-filed a bill to eliminate the part of the oath of elected officials stating that they had dueled or been a second in a duel.