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  • Deputy will be part of school environment

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - When someone sees a police car in a school parking lot, the first assumption is that there is trouble.

    And when students see an officer in uniform roaming the hallways, they may assume that the drug dog can’t be far behind.

    But, thanks to a partnership with the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Department, an officer will be in the high schools - as well as the middle schools - on a regular basis.

  • Bratcher improving following Monday's injury

    UPDATE: Friday, Aug. 28

    Bullitt County Public Schools attorney Eric Farris said the status of Bullitt East High School junior varsity football player Jesse Bratcher was improving.

    On Friday Farris said Bratcher's mother reported the improvement. She said a pressure monitor and breathing tube were being removed.

    Farris said a Web site was established where progress reports may be viewed. You may visit the site here.


  • Sunday sales talks 'dry' in Hillview

    HILLVIEW - Thomas Philpot attended the August meeting of the Hillview City Council hoping to hear some discussion on a topic he brought up previously.

    But the issue of Sunday sales of alcohol was not mentioned - until he brought up the point as the meeting came to a close.

    “We’re still discussing,” said Hillview councilmember Kim Whitlock.

    She said it would probably be discussed again at the Sept. 21 meeting.


    Bullitt County Schools Calendar of Events - August 2009:




    MAP Training at Zoneton Middle from 8am-4pm



    SBDM Training (Roles and Responsibilities of School Councils) at Ridgeway Library from 8:30-11:30am





    New Educator Orientation (Teachers, Counselors, Asst. Principals) at Eastside Middle from 8am-3:15pm



  • Boat ramp coming to Shepherdsville at Paroquet

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - The Paroquet Springs Conference Centre could play host to Bullitt County’s newest boat dock location along the Salt River.

    Plans for a new dock and a road leading to it were discussed recently by the Shepherdsville/Bullitt County Tourist and Convention Commission’s July business meeting.

    The commission was waiting on a resolution from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife to install a boat ramp at the river directly behind the conference centre.

  • Mount Washington waits for approval on sewer plans to begin its work

    MOUNT WASHINGTON — The city’s major sewage treatment plant expansion project is a continuing source of stress for Mount Washington city officials.

    Although the city is under the Kentucky Division of Water sanctions to have the plant completed by 2010, the division is taking more time than expected to approve the final design plans for the $15 million project.

    City officials were hoping to start construction this fall but are at the mercy of the KDW’s approval.

  • Suspects still sought in road rage attack

    HILLVIEW - An incident that police are calling a case of road rage resulted in shots being fired.

    According to Hillview officer Roy Raines, a total of five shots were fired from a vehicle containing two men and a woman.

    The incident occurred about 9:30 p.m. Aug. 19 on Valley Drive.

    Raines said a car followed another vehicle as it pulled into the Valley Drive residence.

    Words were exchanged and then five shots from a semi-automatic weapon were fired. Two went into the air and two struck the vehicle.

  • Varied interpretation of city parking ordinance draws ire

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - When does a warning ticket turn into an actual citation?

    And when does parking on a narrow subdivision street turn into a dangerous situation?

    Both were questions posed to the Shepherdsville City Council.

    Rusty Watson, a longtime pastor in the community, voiced his concerns over the rash of warning tickets written for those who park on the street in Meadowlark Subdivision off Beech Grove Road.

    Watson said he really needed some clarification on how the city police interpret the current regulations on parking on the streets.

  • Grants will allow expansion of water

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Since the merger of a local water district and a major utility, Bullitt Countians have benefited from over $7.7 million in grants for extension projects.

    The latest is a $1 million grant from the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority that would allow 12 projects to serve nearly 120 new customers.

    Lynn Spencer, Bullitt County project manager for the Louisville Water Co., said the KIA grant for the extension work estimated to cost $2.3 million has been approved.

    Bullitt Fiscal Court approved county judge Melanie Roberts to sign any needed documents.

  • Confirmed case of Pertussis at Brooks Elementary

    BROOKS -- It didn't take long for illness to strike the Bullitt County Schools.

    Bullitt County Schools Health Service Coordinator Lesa Bodine said that one case of Pertussis -- better known as Whooping Cough -- was confirmed in a Brooks Elementary student Wednesday.

    Bodine said the school would be notified Thursday and that a letter from the Bullitt County Health Department would be distributed to parents.

    Bodine said one case has been confirmed but that many cases were suspected before school started. She expected that more would be identified now.