• Visit to Farmer’s Market worth it

     The other day I had the pleasure of covering the grand opening of the Lebanon Junction Farmer’s Market on Main Street. 

  • Bonnaroo has plenty of diversity in both music and life

     When I say I spent the weekend at Bonnaroo, you’ll probably do one of two things: Write me off as a burnt out, crochet-wearing, smelly hippie who doesn’t shave under her arms, or wonder what in the world that word means.

  • Where is the courtesy when attending concerts?

     Depending on your musical tastes, there are many styles of live concerts. Most people today would likely think of Rock or Country music as I mention the word ‘concert’.

  • Scholar-athletes can still achieve in local schools

     In glancing through the list of scholarship winners and honorees at the three high school graduations on Saturday, it was heart-warming to see that so many of the students also competed in athletic competitions.

  • Who would have thought time would pass so fast

     It’s a quiet Sunday evening at the office. Over the past 27 years, I’ve spent a lot of time sitting behind a computer.

  • Welcome to Lyndsey's world

      I’m a 20-year-old, nature-loving, outgoing writer and student with some big dreams. 

  • Foundation for education gala nears

     As Bullitt County Public Schools continues to move forward in every area, I’d like to use this month’s space to highlight a new community-based group that has stepped forward to support our public school system.  The establishment of an educational foundation has been one of our goals for quite some time, and at last, a group of dedicated community volunteers have come together over the last several months to make it happen. 

  • Senate plan moves to approval on Medicaid

     FRANKFORT – During the special session last week, the Senate created a responsible approach to solving this Medicaid budget shortfall.

    The House of Representatives agreed with the Senate plan and the bill was sent to the Governor’s desk.  However late Friday March 25, as many offices were closing for the day, the Governor vetoed all of the important accountability provisions and is now left with an unrestricted checkbook combined with an unlimited credit card funded with your tax dollars.

  • Foolishness could lead to local secession movement

     SHEPHERDSVILLE - The controversial Bullitt County smoking ban may lead to a burning down of the entire community.

    Under severe pressure from local voters, businesses and churches, Bullitt Fiscal Court members finally came up with a solution to their lingering issues: Secession.

    In an unprecedented turn of events, Fiscal Court declared, without an official vote, that Bullitt County would secede from both the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the United States of America.

  • Kentucky Senate week in review with Sen. Paul Hornback

     One of the more unusual and intriguing special sessions in recent memory wrapped up in rare fashion this week, with the House concurring in a Senate plan to plug a hole in the Medicaid budget without the need for a conference committee. Before voting for the plan, however, House leaders announced that the governor would issue line-item vetoes gutting key Senate changes to the bill. The House then adjourned its session, forgoing the traditional opportunity to override those vetoes.