Who can you really trust these days?

 While recently driving around in snow and cold all week, in a vehicle without proper heat, used tires and worn windshield wipers, fighting off the pending cold that has waited months to attack me, I eat lunch at my desk.

I take a break to clear my head, and one of the things I check is my email, where I’m informed by a friend that Major League Baseball player Alex Rodriguez has apologized to us.


What are your plans for Spring Break?

What team will you have winning your NCAA bracket?

Did you check your batteries in your smoke detector when the time changed?

Have you had enough of winter yet?

How do you think vaccinations should be handled by the government?

Do you believe we will have six more weeks of winter?

Do you believe that Stanley Dishon is the person responsible for the death of Jessica Dishon?

What is your prediction for the rest of the winter?