Stephen Thomas
Thanks for agencies for their help in time of need

 A wild week to say the least.

First, you get the snow and the cold.

That is always a situation of chaos.

Then, fire strikes the back portion of our business.

The important part of the incident is that no one was hurt.

The inventory and the building structure can be replaced. Lives can’t.


Have you had enough of winter yet?

How do you think vaccinations should be handled by the government?

Do you believe we will have six more weeks of winter?

Do you believe that Stanley Dishon is the person responsible for the death of Jessica Dishon?

What is your prediction for the rest of the winter?

How should Bullitt County Public Schools alter the opening times in the future?

What should happen with the Southeast Bullitt Fire situation?

What is your prediction for the coming year?

How would you compare Christmas of today to years ago?

How long do you expect gas prices to decrease?