• Thanks for watching our tax dollars

     I would like to take a moment to thank our county magistrates for their effort to make sure that the county’s money is being spent properly and that our county departments are run as they should be. I would like to say a special thank you to Magistrate John Bradshaw for asking the hard questions even though it’s not the popular thing to do.

  • Young people do good work

     I wanted to write this letter to acknowledge how good some of our young people are. I have been working with Future Farmers of America (FFA) program at Bullitt Central High School as a volunteer.

  • Clean up eyesores

     Mount Washington Councilmen – Pertaining to our City “eyesores!”

  • Signs, recycling good

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Bullitt County Works Department and others for the new blue, large print street signs, they are so much easier to read.

    Also, a reminder Bullitt County has a very clean, neat Recycling Center. Located off Highway 61 at 480 in back and side of Bullitt County Detention Center. The hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed on Mondays) Tuesday through Saturday.

  • Thanks from Children in Flight

     The 5th annual Children in Flight Justin Brandon Mahaffey Golf Outing held on September 28th, was a huge success. We were able to raise $3,800 to go toward our scholarships that will be given for the 2014 school year at Bullitt Central High School.

    Thank you for the support from our players and sponsors for making this year a success. We appreciate your dedication in supporting education for students in our community. We would like to thank the following for their sponsorships and donations.

    Hole Sponsor  Signs:  Communications Electronic Design

  • Keep grass laws intact

     My understanding is local attorney Eric Farris has taken steps to encourage the Hillview City Council to amend it’s ordinances to no longer require owners of industrial or commercial property to maintain their properties so vegetation would not be over twelve inches high.

  • Church says thanks

     Belmont Christian Church would like to thank the following local businesses for their generous donations to our recent Fall Festival:

    Creations by Barbara, Mr. Gatti’s, Country Corner Greenhouse, Auto zone, Bumper to Bumper, Papa Johns, Gary’s Extreme Archery, People’s Bank of Bullitt County, Yum Brands and McDonald’s.

    Belmont Christian Church

  • Watch for the kids

     Every day driving to and from work on Highway 44 to 31W I see almost all drivers beside myself and a few others, exceeding the 25 mph speed limit in the school zones.

    I am tired of tailgaters flying around me in excess of 35 mph in the school zone at the ramp to I-65. I cannot remember the last time I saw a police car in these zones. Bullitt County and Shepherdsville P.D. need to start being there for the children! And write some tickets!

    Michael Perkins


  • Thanks from DARE

     On behalf of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office we would like to say “Thank YOU” to all who supported our D.A.R.E. Chili Supper. 

  • Driving a bus

     I have been substituting as a Bullitt County Bus Driver the last few weeks and I want to share a few things I have learned. A dozen reasons why driving a school bus is very stressful.

    1. Keep the children safe at all costs.

    2. Watching the traffic – people who runs stop signs or pull out in front of the bus, and at the same time watching the bus gauges and students.

    3. Completing paperwork, then redoing it as students move in and out.

    4. Trying to stay on schedule.