• Seniors deserve higher priority

     Kentucky’s Department of Aging and Independent Living provides meals on wheels and in home assistance to low income seniors who need help with activities of daily living. These services help seniors remain at home for 1/6 the cost Medicaid will pay for Nursing Home care. Most seniors would rather stay at home close to friends and family.

  • It's all up to you, Bullitt County

  • Pleasure serving Bullitt County

     Friends, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve the good people of Bullitt County. Every ten years, it is our Constitutional duty to realign voting districts according to the populations confirmed by the census. This requires the General Assembly to establish the “one man, one vote” rule. 

  • Hard work on redistricting

  • More federal dollars spent

     I was surprised to receive a letter from Joetta Calhoun, Mayor of Mount Washington, offering a “FREE” energy audit of my home. Apparently the city applied for and was awarded a federal grant to provide funding.

  • Thanks to CASA supporters

  • Goodbye to BoBo

     How do you say goodbye to one of your best friend’s at Christmas time?

  • No more gambling

     So the son of a preacher wants us to depend upon luck by gambling rather than upon God. I wonder what his ancestors would think? In a very poor economy brought on mostly by Barry Hussein Obama and the Congressional Democrats, the governor wants more people to lose their home by compulsive gambling than already are! What a way to start a new administration. Wishing us a Merry Christmas would have sufficed.

    Check out Romans 1:22b. Living Bible. “...without God, they became utter fools.”

    J.B. Armstrong

    Bardstown, Ky

  • City knows how to annex

  • Thanks for fund-raiser

     The Salt River Lodge F.&A.M. 1849 Club would like to thank everyone who donated or purchased items at auction and fish fry. I want to thank the Gene Branham Family Band for the music and John Heady and John Rideout for the karoke, the McKinney family, all the lodge members and citizens who pitch in. Especially the members of the Mount Washington Fire Department we were pleased with raising $6,000 for the P.A. Foundation.

    Bryan Gifford

    Master, Salt River Lodge