• Watch phone deals

     Maybe all the gambling talk in Frankfort is causing AT&T to bet again this year Kentucky consumers will give up their Kentucky Public Service Commission protection of regular telephone service. And they will lose again because they are putting all their cards on the table.

  • Support our Constitution

     After receiving hundreds of e-mails from Bullitt County citizens, concerned about the views of our elected officials in Washington on the second amendment of our Constitution, and wanting to know my position, I will try to clearly state my position.

  • Renters should pay

     City Hall needs to put a copy of the contract the Council signed with Eco-Tech in the paper. That way the property owners can understand what the Council has given our rights away as property owners when we rent the property out and the renters do not pay the bills for the collection of trash removal service. I have not seen in writing how the contract reads with the city and Eco-Tech. The only thing I have seen is what Eco-Tech says we owe on the bill they sent out. 

  • Thanks for support
  • Thanks for assistance

     On Friday, January 21, 1013, we were in a car accident on Kings Church Road. Both our car and the car that flipped on top of ours were totaled. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, although it meant a long night in the ER at University Hospital for everyone involved.

  • What's the garbage story?

     I do not understand what is going on with the deal the City Council made with the collection of trash removal service. If you own property and you rent the property out to someone and they do not pay the bill you are responsible for their bill. These people rented the house I owned and moved out.  I had no knowledge the trash bill was not being paid by the renters. 

  • Thanks to Linda Belcher

     Linda Belcher has worked tirelessly to improve Bullitt County. 

  • Mayor, council kept promise

     Over two years ago, there was a promise made by Mayor Scott Ellis and Council Members that when the City got in better financial shape they would give raises to those employees that would not jump ship! Many jumped ship and left; while others rode the storm! All employees did not receive raises for over two years and continued to serve and protect our Great City of Shepherdsville!

  • It's all about being #1

     Thank you Bullitt Fiscal Court for doing your part in keeping Kentucky #1 in smoking…#1 in Lung Cancer…#1 in Cancer related deaths. Roll…Bullitt Fiscal Court…Roll!!!

    The nerve of Bullitt County Health Department thinking they should make decisions concerning health issues for Bullitt County!

    What were they thinking???

    A little history here…I was a 40 year smoker…and now a Lung Cancer survivor.

    Owen Taylor

  • Work well done