• Road plan success

     The 2012-2016 Road Plan for Kentucky is official and Bullitt County is one of the winners with the awarding of almost $70,000,000.00 in road funds!

  • Thanks to Tech Center

     I want to thank the Bullitt County Technical Center’s welding instructor, Scott Metcalf, for his help with an election sign clamp that he made for the Bullitt County Board of Elections. He was more than willing to help and his talent and skill showed in the finished product. He is an asset to the Tech Center and the welding program and I want it to be known to all of the citizens of Bullitt County.

    Kevin Mooney

    Bullitt County Clerk

  • Take down yard sale signs

     Now that summer is here in full force, yard sales are being held every weekend and the signs are going up everywhere to lead people to them. If you put up a yard sale sign, please go back and take it down after the sale. They create trash and are unnecessary. Your neighbors will thank you.

    Martha Thomas

    Mount Washington

  • Don't micro-manage

     At the May 15th Fiscal Court meeting magistrates Laswell and Bradshaw voted against the appointment of Glen Fleming to the Bullitt County Sanitation District board. When asked to state a reason for their disapproval they said they thought the position should be filled by someone from the north end of the county. But as recently as February 7th they voted for the appointment of D. Hatcher, who is from the south end of the county and who’s position Mr. Fleming would be filling. Since Mr. Hatcher quit during the first meeting.

  • Don't pass bad laws

  • Thanks for Tea Party

  • Thanks for the honor

     So many letters being with “I meant to write this sooner.” So does this one.

  • Vote for Flaherty

     Rob Flaherty is on the ballot for the Shepherdsville City Council in the May 2012 election. Our community will be well served if we elect him to the Council. He will serve with great effectiveness and distinction.

  • Foster Care Month

     May is Foster Care Awareness Month. Many thing know of foster care, but few really understand how the system works, the role of the foster parents and most importantly, the experience of the children and youth in care.

  • Do the best you can

     Arguments, fights, worries, and just the little things that we think are a big deal and important. We all do these things on a daily basis, but why do we?

    I couldn’t answer that question a year ago, but now I can. I was very sick and needed a lung transplant to live. One year ago I got the cal that there were lungs waiting for me.  My recovery was slow, but now I’m doing fine and been given a second chance at life. So today I can answer that question.