• Simon, Hardy real heroes

    On Oct. 21, 2015, Ms. Thompson stated in the Pioneer News that Gloria Taft and Dana James saved the city of Shepherdsville from the brink of bankruptcy.

    Well, I want to set the record straight. In 2011, six council members (Faith Portman, Don Cundiff, Bonnie Enlow, Larry Hatfield, Bernie Brown and Alan Wetzel), the mayor, Nick Simon with Publishers Printing and Bill Hardy with The Peoples Bank of Bullitt County worked together as a team to save the city of Shepherdsville from bankruptcy.

  • Thanks from the Women's Club

    On behalf of the Bullitt County Woman’s Club, we would like to thank our community and Bullitt County Woman’s Club members for making our first annual Christmas in October Craft Show and Talent Auction a wonderful success.

    Thank you to our Shepherdsville Government Center for allowing us to hold the event in the gymnasium and to the vendors who joined us for the event.

    Thanks to Cedar Grove Coffee House for providing food concessions.

  • Conway right choice
  • Successful golf event

     Children in Flight 7th annual golf outing was a huge success. We would like to thank the following for supporting education in our community, we could not have done it without you. 

    The mission of Children in Flight is to enable students as fully as possible to achieve a better education for their future.

  • Thanks to all my friends

     To all the postal patrons, acquaintances and friends at the post offices in Mount Washington, Brooks and Hillview, thank you for the opportunity to serve you for the last 26 years. I retired on Oct. 10. I will miss the visits, the stories and the laughter that we have shared. I will not miss getting up at 4 a.m. or going to bed before dark.

    I am looking forward to pursuing my hobbies of gardening, building yard art and song writing for You Tube.

  • Conway choice for governor

     Bullitt County has an opportunity Nov. 3 to move forward with the election of Jack Conway as governor.

    Conway has made his message clear, particularly in the areas of a stronger economy and support of early childhood education. He understands that investing in the early years of a child’s learning produces positive benefits for the future of that child.

  • Keep two councilmembers

     I read the uneducated ranting of a “private citizen” in Your Views on Sept. 30.

    Let me educate you on the positive effects of Gloria Taft and Dana James on the Shepherdsville City Council to the city and to the citizens. It is a matter of public record that since they took office the city went from the brink of bankruptcy from the previous administration to a city with a balanced budget and financial reserves.

  • Beshear for attorney general

     When you go to vote on November 3, please consider voting for Andy Beshear.

    He is honest, hard working and will work to protect the children and the seniors of Kentucky.

    He needs your vote.

    Florence Ryan

    Mount Washington

  • More patrol in The Pointe

     The city police of Shepherdsville need more TP and radar around The Pointe subdivision.

    Vehicles, especially dump trucks, come off the hill at the Gap in the Knob going way too fast.

    There has already been a bad wreck coming out of The Pointe. It is just a matter of time before someone is killed there.

    Also, why is the speed limit on the new Highway 61 still set at 35 miles per hour?

    Ronnie Durbin


  • Charter school concerns

     One of the major issues that pivots on the upcoming governor’s election is that of charter schools. We should think carefully before electing politicians who would support charter schools. Many charter schools are managed by corporations, whose focus is to maximize profits for their shareholders.