Today's Opinions

  • Vote for Belcher

     Recently, Bullitt Countians voted for a Meade Countian candidate and Brandenburg got a four-lane divided highway.

    Then we voted for a Shelby County candidate and Shelbyville got a new road to nowhere.

    It’s time for Bullitt Countians to stand up and be counted. Vote Linda Belcher, a Bullitt Countians for Bullitt County.

    Shirley Colvin

    Mount Washington

  • Vote for Portman

     When faced with a decision to make in regards to our mayoral candidates, my vote goes to Faith Portman.

    I am looking for someone I can trust and someone I can relate to. Someone who I know has immeasurable integrity and a good heart.

    She has worked in our public school system for 24 years, devoted to the education of our community’s youth. I honor a person willing to commit themselves to an endeavor, such as educating a community. I’ve seen her with our students and it tells me so much about who she is.

  • Vote for Higgins

     I commend the voters for recognizing the need to make changes to Fiscal Court and would highly recommend Mike Higgins for Third District magistrate.

    Mike would be a great addition to our fiscal court. Mike is someone with a vision for Bullitt County, passionate, caring, interested in improving Bullitt County and moving it forward.

    The citizens deserve officials that want to help everyone and do what is best for the whole county. Mike Higgins will be a magistrate that will listen, have an opinion, make a decision and not hold back progress.

  • Vote for Wooldridge

     I take great pleasure in endorsing John Wooldridge for county attorney in the upcoming election.

    John has served with distinction as assistant commonwealth attorney, master commissioner of the Bullitt Circuit Court and commonwealth attorney for Bullitt County.

    Former Circuit Judge Athol Lee Taylor and I employed John to work in our law firm. I found John to be a tireless worker with a fine legal mind. I am convinced that if given the opportunity to serve as county attorney, John will make the citizens of Bullitt County proud.

  • Vote for Rayhill

     Vote for Joe Rayhill for Fourth District magistrate.

    Joe is an honest, motivated and determined life-long resident of the Fourth District.

    He will work hard to do the right thing for his hometown.

    Joe is extremely easy to talk to and genuinely cares about doing what’s right. Joe Rayhill is a faithful man of God, loving man of family and strong man of community who I trust to be my Fourth District magistrate.

    He is an encourager, listener and all-around good man ready to serve the community he loves so much.

  • Vote or Belcher

     It is very simple….Bullitt County needs Linda Belcher back in Frankfort.

    I know Linda very well and know what an honest, caring person she is.

    She has always lived and worked in Bullitt County. Bullitt County is where her heart is. We are currently serving together on the Bullitt County Foundation for Excellence in Public Education board. She is so passionate about our children and our fundraising efforts to provide grant money to teachers.

  • If we had known earlier

     So flood maps were turned over in 2011 and updated against in October of 2013 to Bullitt County/City officials, showing the new FEMA flood maps.

    Those same individuals expect us to vote them into office again. Please know who you are voting for when you go to the polls. 

    We just bought a house in July 2013. If we had been aware of these flood maps, we would not have bought our current house.

    Eva McDonald

  • Grading is complicated

     The lasted round of assessment results have been reported.

    They are publicly available on the Kentucky Department of Education website and you can look at overall district scores as well as those of individual schools.

    You can look at data collected on students’ performance in all core curriculum areas.

    You can find program reviews related to writing, arts and humanities, practical living and career studies, and the primary program.