Today's Opinions

  • COYLE'S CORNER 04/18/12

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at the City of Shepherdsville's current loan situation.

  • Nichols says thanks

     Nichols Elementary School PTA and staff members would like to thank the following for making our Spring Fling such a success:

  • Kentucky can’t wait on pill mill bill

     On April 12, lawmakers will assemble for the last day of the 60-day session.  While the General Assembly concluded the bulk of its work before leaving Frankfort last Friday, it left one of the most critical pieces of legislation for our state and communities uncompleted.

  • General Assembly down to final day for this session

     FRANKFORT – During even-year legislative sessions, no other bill gets more attention than the budget, which is understandable, because no other bill directs so many of the General Assembly’s priorities.

    Even so, that doesn’t undercut the importance of other legislation also set to become law, and as my colleagues and I prepare to wrap up the 2012 Regular Session on Thursday, there are more than a few of these bills that deserve mention.

  • Spring break in the county a bit different

     For the first time in five years, spring break is being spent in the county thanks to my son’s graduation.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 04/11/12

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at recent legal action involving the City of Shepherdsville's maintenance department.

  • Don't make it personal

     The request for a zoning change by the owners of Heritage Hill has ignited a firestorm of opposition. I have, and still do, oppose this change. However, I’ve been saddened that this passionate debate has taken a personal turn.

    I’ve lived on Valley View Drive for 36 years. Steve Plenge and Ted Korfhage and their families welcomed me into the neighborhood, and have treated me like family ever since. We have shared chores, equipment, laughs and tears over the fast few decades. We’ve shared the ups and downs that all of us go through in life.

  • Police chief commended

     I want to describe and share an experience we encountered in Mount Washington as a family and community members.

    As a parent, a human being, a professional social worker, and as a certified prevention specialist I know how important it is to advocate for ourselves and for others.  I want our two fraternal twin boys to know that their mom thought enough of them, and her family, and herself to “make the time” to write this letter to the newspaper.