Today's Opinions

  • Cornell has had amazing 101 years of life

     I had the pleasure of sitting with Hilden Cornell recently. Some of you who have been around Bullitt County for a long time might remember her. She taught for almost 30 years at Pleasant Grove Elementary, Waterford Elementary, Saint Aloysius School and ended at Brooks Elementary.

    On May 9 she turned 101 years old.

    I was truly inspired by this woman’s example. Even after having lost the majority of her eyesight about 10 years now she still goes on living her life. And is so optimistic.

  • The time is now to get out and exercise rights

     The time has arrived.

    In less than one week, you will have an opportunity to exercise one of your most sacred rights -- the chance to go to the ballot box.

    Despite the mud...

    Despite the really awful stuff that is spread in the social media, including Topix and Facebook...

    Despite the hard feelings that are caused...

    We continue to say that America has the best system of democracy in the world.

  • Vote for Lee

     I would like to say a few words in favor of Daryl Lee for member of Shepherdsville City Council.

  • Vote for Greenwell

         Four years ago our community elected a new Sheriff. With the new administration, came a valuable community youth engagement program called Explorer’s.

  • Vote for Ellis

     On May 20th, the citizens have a very important decision to make for the Mayor of Great City of Shepherdsville! I would ask that you look at the facts and not all the false information some people are saying about Mayor Scott Ellis.

    I had the great honor to work for the City for seven years, before I retired on January 31st, 2014. I remember when our city was in a serious financial situation and the Mayor had to tighten up “the boot straps.” Because of his leadership, this City has now become one of the greatest Cities in the State of Kentucky.

  • Vote for Patchin

     Dan Patchin is running for Bullitt County Jailer and is one of the finest people I know. Having worked as a police officer in this county for over 10 years, I can tell you that Dan is the person we need running the jail. Dan is one of the most honest people I know. His integrity is above reproach and he has proven leadership skills that he demonstrates every day.

    I am especially interested in seeing our jail become the professional organization it needs to be and I know that Dan is the person to get it done. Dan will bring our jail up to the standard we deserve.

  • Vote for Patchin

     Honesty and integrity is very important to me. Dan Patchin is a person who has both and worse very hard to make sure that the rig thing is always done. As a person who is committed to Bullitt County I know that Dan Patchin is the person we need as Bullitt County Jailer.

    Many people talk about their honesty but I can attest that Dan actually has it. I would like to encourage everyone to support and vote for an Patchin for Jailer.

    Myra Minton


  • Vote for Patchin

     I have lived in Bullitt County my entire life and have also worked in this county for a long time. I know that Dan Patchin is the person we need as Bullitt County Jailer. Dan is one of the most professional people I have met and he has done an excellent job in his current position.

    We would all know that by electing Dan he will bring our jail up to the professional standard that we expect from our government. Pleas join me in electing Dan Patchin as our next Bullitt County Jailer.

    Casey Clark

    Mount Washington