Today's Opinions

  • Sen. Hornback discusses education, drugs and religious freedom, among other issues before the GA

      FRANKFORT – The 2013 General Assembly Session is nearing its end with the Senate working overtime to ensure important bills and resolutions are being considered and passed.   

    This week, the Senate addressed issues related to education, drugs, victim protection, special taxing districts and religious freedom, among others.

     The Senate continues to place a high priority on strengthening Kentucky's educational opportunities which is evidenced by the adoption of Senate Bill 176 and 97.  

  • BBB Tips on Safe Spring Break Getaways

     Are you in the midst of planning your spring break getaway? Whether you’re jetting to Costa Rica, headed on a cruise, or driving to Destin, Florida, don’t just book a trip because it looks like a good deal! Do your homework first – spring break is not the time to book a trip from a provider you aren’t familiar with!

    Out of the almost 4,000 industries the BBB monitors, the travel industry consistently ranks near or in the top 25 for number of complaints, costing consumers as much as $10 billion annually.

  • BBB Hot Topics: March 2013

     Check out the latest scams and bad business in BBB’s March 2013 Hot Topics!

    1. Businesses are receiving emails disguised as Consumer Complaint Notifications from the FTC. The email states a complaint has been filed against your business, and you need to review and respond. The email provides a link, which takes you to a third party website, and the file you download is actually malware that scans your computer for personal information.

  • More transparency needed on legislation

      FRANKFORT– Every year members of the Kentucky General Assembly descend on Frankfort to carry out the duties that our citizens expect to do.  That expectation includes making sure that the legislative process is open and transparent to all Kentuckians.

  • Thanks to one, good luck to another man

     It is ironic that in a single issue of the paper we have stories on a leader in the community who is leaving and another who is coming to our area.

  • Garbage service or audit...what deserves most time?

     Garbage service or the county audit?

  • COYLE'S CORNER 03/06/13

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at the recent push to pass legislation legalizing hemp production in Kentucky.

  • Why can’t you do your job?

     It’s time.  We’re in the last full week of this year’s regular session, and we haven’t done our biggest job – again.

    There is near-universal agreement that our number one job this time is reform of the state’s pension system for public employees.  SB 2 is this year’s proposed solution.  We’ve been delaying true reform for as many years as I can remember.