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  • Just a little humor when preparing your chicken

     You pluck a chicken before you can cook it. That is called a chicken plucker or any bird that has feathers you pluck it first.

  • Greer serves counties well

     Congratulations to the Kentucky General Assembly for passing Senate Bill 97, a long-awaited piece of legislation that represents a firm stand for education, Kentucky’s youth, and the long-term economic strength of this state.First Lady Jane Beshear, myself and many members of my administration have been working on the so-called Graduation Bill for five years now because keeping our kids in school until they graduate or turn 18 is one of the single-best things we can do for them.

  • Remove the car

     There is one way to remove drunk drivers from the road. We must remove the CAR. If the car was take from him and sold, he would have nothing to drive. If I went hunting or fishing with no license the courts could take my car, boat, gun (truck camper, etc.) what ever I have at that time. Is a FISH or DEER more important than a HUMAN?

  • Salute to Norman

     What’s done is done. – William Shakespeare

  • BBB Hot Topics: April 2013

     Check out the latest scams and bad business in BBB’s April 2013 Hot Topics!

    1. Prepaid Debit Card Scams are gaining popularity. In one scam, scam artists are calling consumers, posing as Duke Energy, threatening to turn a customer’s power off if a payment is not made within the hour, using a prepaid debit card. The scam artist asks the consumer to purchase a prepaid debit card then instructs the consumer to call back with the card’s number and PIN. Don’t fall for this scam!

  • Things need to change; time for leaders to take the reins


  • COYLE'S CORNER 04/03/13

     This week Paul Coyle offers a friendly reminder for everyone to be safe, prepare their emergency plans and supplies, and be ready to take cover during the month of April, designated as Tornado Month.

  • Hornback reflects on General Assembly

     FRANKFORT – The 30-day session of the General Assembly concluded at midnight this past Tuesday, after two long days of hard work and bipartisan collaboration to ensure the state’s most pressing issues were addressed.