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  • BBB Hot Topics: February 2013

     Check out the latest scams and bad business in BBB's February 2013 Hot Topics!

    1.    IRS Scam: Tax payers are receiving calls from scam artists who say they are with the IRS. They claim a mistake was made on their taxes and the IRS owes them $2000. The catch, in order to receive the money, the tax payer must provide bank account information.

  • Thanks for support
  • Thanks for assistance

     On Friday, January 21, 1013, we were in a car accident on Kings Church Road. Both our car and the car that flipped on top of ours were totaled. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, although it meant a long night in the ER at University Hospital for everyone involved.

  • What's the garbage story?

     I do not understand what is going on with the deal the City Council made with the collection of trash removal service. If you own property and you rent the property out to someone and they do not pay the bill you are responsible for their bill. These people rented the house I owned and moved out.  I had no knowledge the trash bill was not being paid by the renters. 

  • Best of Coyle's Corner

     This week Paul Coyle celebrates Groundhog Day with a favorite panel from 2007. We're hoping Paul sees his shadow, meaning six more years of Coyle's Corner panels.

  • Thanks to Linda Belcher

     Linda Belcher has worked tirelessly to improve Bullitt County. 

  • Mayor, council kept promise

     Over two years ago, there was a promise made by Mayor Scott Ellis and Council Members that when the City got in better financial shape they would give raises to those employees that would not jump ship! Many jumped ship and left; while others rode the storm! All employees did not receive raises for over two years and continued to serve and protect our Great City of Shepherdsville!

  • It was a great year for U of L

     If you’re a fan of University of Louisville athletics you know it’s been an unbelievable year.  Heck, it’s been an unbelievable month and a half!