Today's Opinions

  • BBB Urges Consumers To Give Wisely In Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy

     Even as rescue workers rush to the Atlantic Coast to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy, Samaritans around the world are looking for ways to help victims of the storm.

  • BCPS truly moves in right direction

     The motto of Bullitt County Public Schools is “Moving Forward.”  It represents that to which we aspire; no matter how much we have improved over the past few years, or how much we will improve over the next few, we will not ever be satisfied.  

  • Here’s some ‘movies’ made for Halloween horrors

     It’s Halloween, the only day of the year that people around you are scary on purpose.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 10/31/12

     This week Paul Coyle focuses on the most important current issue for all Bullitt Countians: Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

  • Watch out for little goblins

     FRANKFORT – Halloween. It’s time for candy, costumes and trick-or-treating! With many festivities kicking off this weekend, Kentucky State Police wants to make sure parents review safety tips with their little ‘goblins’.

    Sgt. Rick Saint-Blancard, Spokesperson for KSP, says the agency wants the children to have a fun but safe trick or treating experience.

  • Motorists beware as heavy season for deer population

     FRANKFORT – Autumn is in full swing in Kentucky decorating its landscape and roadways with vibrant, colorful foliage.  

    These Fall colors serve to remind drivers that they will see an increased movement of deer throughout the Commonwealth. 

    In addition, deer season begins Nov. 10th and motorists are more likely to encounter these animals on or near roadways.

    Spokesperson for KSP, Sgt. Rick Saint-Blancard says motorists need to take extra precautions when driving during fall months.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 10/24/12

    This week Paul Coyle joins the community in mourning the loss of Bullitt East teacher Brian Walters, who was recently killed in a car accident. 

  • Vote for Webber

     We’d like to take a moment to encourage your readers to get to known the candidates on the ballot before they vote this election. Presidential races sometimes overshadow down-ticket races and suck all the proverbial air out of the room. This year is no exception. Please known there are other very important offices on the ballot including all 100 seats of the Kentucky State House.