Today's Opinions

  • 4-H provides hands-on leadership

    Throughout their 4-H career, young people have ample opportunities to learn and experience leadership. 

    Some of the hands-on leadership opportunities come in the form of officer positions available to 4-H’ers at the county, district and state levels. 

    4-H offers clubs in many different interest areas. 

    Some 4-H’ers first leadership experience is being a club officer at the county level. It is here that youth learn how to plan and run a meeting.

  • Summer is shrinking as heat still on

     Someone asked the other day why we were already running back-to-school stories.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 07/18/12

     This week Paul Coyle reminds all potential candidates that the deadline for filing is fast approaching.

  • Thanks for the Blast

     The Shepherdsville / Bullitt County Tourist & Convention Commission wishes to thank all who helped make the 11th Annual Bullitt Blast such a great celebration for our County.  We are thankful many came to enjoy a celebration of our Nation’s Freedom despite the heat. 

  • State offering ways to help residents keep homes

     FRANKFORT – Kentucky homeowners who have had their homes foreclosed or are at-risk of having that happen have several avenues of assistance available to them, including money from a national, multi-billion dollar settlement.

    I want to make sure that all homeowners who are having a tough time with their mortgage payments know about these options. In some cases, they could be eligible for direct assistance. That’s money rightly owed to them, and it’s crucial they know more about it.

  • Can’t someone tell us straight about health care reform

     We can understand all the political bantering about the health care reform act and the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 07/11/12

     This week Paul Coyle tells how hot it is in Bullitt County.

  • Doing what is needed to make everyone happy

     I have had different experiences throughout my lifetime. Some good, some bad. There is one experience I often think about because there are so many people who want everything their way or no way.

    This young man was married to a beautiful woman and she knew she was beautiful. She liked to party all the time. She dressed the part of a rich woman. They owed so much money he had to work six days a week to make ends meet. His wife knew how to spend money.