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  • Kentucky drivers entering peak season for deer collisions

    LOUISVILLE – If asked to identify the most dangerous animal in the United States, most people, depending on where they live, would likely point first to a bear, mountain lion, alligator or even a shark. While those all seem like logical choices, statistics from the Insurance Information Institute reveal that the deadliest animal roaming the countryside is actually the white-tailed deer.

  • College may not be for every student

     College For Everyone?  The Answer is No.

  • Now is time to get those influenza vaccinations

  • Things that might not be on front page

     Oh, the stories we could tell if we could only tell them.

  • BBB Hot Topics: October 2012

     Check out the latest scams and bad business in BBB’s October 2012 Hot Topics!

    1. Beware of a scam using the Reader’s Digest name. The sweepstakes scam comes with an official looking letter and check telling the recipient they won a large sum of money. When consumers call a phone number on the letter, they are urged to deposit the check and wire money for insurance and fees on the prize. The check is fake, and you will owe the bank the money.

  • Vote for Keith

     I am a retired Deputy clerk of the Bullitt County Court. I worked with undoubtedly the best Circuit Clerk to ever hold this office, Jean Hatsell. All court cases were prepared professionally, and ready for the courts on a timely manner. Paulita operates a successful professional business and knows what it takes to meet deadlines. Paulita will bring professionalism back to this office. I ask you to support Paulita Keith for this office. She is intelligent, hard working, and successfully business woman. She will operate the office professionally.

  • Vote for Belcher

     I have known and worked with Linda Belcher for many years. As a 25 year resident of Bullitt county, I encourage you to show your support for our county and its welfare by voting for her to be re-elected as State Representative for district 49.