Today's Opinions

  • Dinner show provides great evening

     For as long as I could remember I’ve been a patron of the fine arts, whether it’s perusing a museum or going to the theater.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 06/20/12

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at the Bullitt Fiscal Court and its selection of a 2012-13 fiscal year county budget.

  • Thanks to Dad for everything that he did for us

     My dad believed in the Lord. He read the Bible all the time. You could ask him anything in the Bible and he could tell you about it. He would turn the pages and show you and tell you about it also.

    My mother and dad were church-going people. They even bought their own seat that had their name on it in church. They went to the same church until they died. Some time the church was so full of people you had trouble finding a seat, especially on Mother’s or Father’s Day.

  • This Venus event something special

     Like most people, if you had asked me what the Transit of Venus was I would have told you I had no idea.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 06/13/12

     This week Paul Coyle looks at Shepherdsville mayor Scott Ellis, who is excited about the city's updated financial situation. 

  • Men's Health Week

     Since President Clinton signed the bill on May 31, 1994 establishing National Men's Health Week, health organizations have placed special emphasis on educating the public about men's health issues the week of Father's Day. The purpose of Men's Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

  • BBB’s Top 10 Summer Job Scam Tip-offs

     Better Business Bureau is warning university and high school students looking for work this summer to be careful to avoid job scams.

    Many Internet and newspaper ads have postings that claim: “sum­mer job, make $300 a day!” or “last year our employ­ees made $10,000 over the sum­mer.”

    Here are 10 tip-offs that the “employment opportunity” could be a scam:

  • Road plan success

     The 2012-2016 Road Plan for Kentucky is official and Bullitt County is one of the winners with the awarding of almost $70,000,000.00 in road funds!