Today's Opinions

  • Take down yard sale signs

     Now that summer is here in full force, yard sales are being held every weekend and the signs are going up everywhere to lead people to them. If you put up a yard sale sign, please go back and take it down after the sale. They create trash and are unnecessary. Your neighbors will thank you.

    Martha Thomas

    Mount Washington

  • BBB Hot Topics: June 2012

      A list of hot topics by the Better Business Bureau for the month of June 2012. For more information visit www.bbb.org.

    1.    Beware of the Microsoft Scam! Local consumers tell BBB they are getting calls from people who say they are with Microsoft. These scammers are telling consumers they could be hacked then they offer extra security for a fee. That’s when they steal the victim’s personal information.

  • Early college credit course worth investment

     College is not for everyone.  There are many jobs that do not require a college degree that will provide a really fine living and enable a person to support themselves and their family. 

  • Public should be happy city’s boat no longer in red sea

     The news coming out of Shepherdsville City Hall has been wonderful.

  • Festive times in county for next 10 days

     It’s always a busy time of the year in early June as several of the premiere festival events are held in Bullitt County.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 06/06/12

     This week Paul Coyle offers hid view of the ongoing debate to widen Highway 44 in Bullitt County.

  • Stay busy, keep mind on the good things in life, not the bad ones

     Back in my mother and dad’s days, times were a lot harder than they are now. You could not get any work to do. My mother and dad had a house burn down. They came home from church and their house had burned down. There was not enough insurance to cover the house plus the contents in the house. They had to live in a tent until dad built a house to live in.

  • Don't micro-manage

     At the May 15th Fiscal Court meeting magistrates Laswell and Bradshaw voted against the appointment of Glen Fleming to the Bullitt County Sanitation District board. When asked to state a reason for their disapproval they said they thought the position should be filled by someone from the north end of the county. But as recently as February 7th they voted for the appointment of D. Hatcher, who is from the south end of the county and who’s position Mr. Fleming would be filling. Since Mr. Hatcher quit during the first meeting.