Today's Opinions

  • Thanks to supporters

     I am the Bullitt County Community Organizer working on behalf of a grant awarded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to KIPDA in partnership with U of L. Bullitt County was selected as a targeted county to be served due to the high rate of diabetes and obesity of its residents.

  • Smoking ban needed

  • Start a new habit at the annual Second Sunday

     One in four adults engage in little or no regular physical activity according to an Office of Health & Human Services report in 2003. This fact is still a high concern today. 2S-Second Sunday can change that!

  • Popular vote may be fatal to long-term prospects

     No one wants higher taxes.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 09/28/11

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at the feeling of every citizen during tax rate setting time in Bullitt County.

  • Welcome back, Jeff

     While he’s not all the way back, Jeff Carver - the Voice of the Bullitt East Chargers - was back at the football game on Friday night to flip the coin.

    Carver suffered serious injuries in an auto accident earlier this year.

    He is still in rehab and hopes to return to the booth soon.

    Tim Gonterman has been helping George Russell on the football games this year.

  • Something to worry about

     There is something to worry about. After the release of the worst jobs report since September 2010, the unemployment rate stayed at 9.1 percent and the stock market plunged in response.

    Companies are keeping payrolls intact. They are not laying off any workers, but they are not hiring either. People that have jobs are afraid to spend money because of the economy. The economy cannot survive much longer unless jobs are added.

  • Government should act

     Well, now that the cities and county governments have managed to stop the health department from doing what is right, I certainly hope that our elected officials will be quick to enact a smoking ban to help all of us breathe easier. I hope that this was not just a power play by elected officials to keep the health department from doing their job (protecting the public health).

    David Brimm