Today's Opinions

  • A little bit of humor

     I remember by mother telling us children different stories that happened during her lifetime.

    She had a way of telling them that that was really funny to hear. One of her stories was about two of her brothers, Uncle Bill and Uncle Marlin.

  • Failure to compromise no longer an option for leaders

     There’s a simple concept that everyone’s familiar with, one that’s been the driving force behind humanity’s greatest triumphs. 

  • Good to be in place that is still growing

     Officials with the Bullitt County Public School System got a little good news last week.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 08/17/11

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at Mount Washington's growing pains and census count issues.

  • Cedar Grove Road dangers

     How many people are fed up with the construction nightmare on Cedar Grove Road? I have lived here for 20 plus years and have never experienced such traffic nightmares as with this new road widening.

  • Thanks for school support

     The Mount Washington Community Ministry would like to thank everyone who donated money, gift cards or furnished supplies that helped to make the School Supply Drive a huge success.

  • Thanks to EMS, 911

     On July 17 and 19 I called Bullitt County 911 to dispatch EMS to my home due to my husband’s health crisis. This is a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to each team member as I neglected to take their names.

  • Remember to vote

     We have thousands of our soldiers engaged in a war to protect freedoms that we as U.S. citizens are taking for granted.

    One of those freedoms is the right to elect the leaders of our country. We can vote for the person(s) of our choice without fear of reprisal. In many countries casting a vote can result in a death sentence. Unfortunately too man Americans (Bullitt Countians) DO NOT VOTE! Some say it doesn’t matter or it won’t make a difference or my vote is not important. I’m sure our soldiers and veterans would strongly disagree with you.