Today's Opinions

  • Thanks from Cedar Grove

     Thank you to all the people and businesses that made Cedar Grove Elementary School’s Scrapbook Weekend such a success. Cedar Grove School appreciates all the support, donations and work that made the weekend so much fun.

    Joe Wantland, The Barnyard, P&P Body Shop, Barnyard Liquors, Grandma’s camping, Discount Auto, Hope Transportation and Vera Parsley.

    Cedar Grove Elementary School

  • An Ode to Tinky Pooch... a good friend

     I think I first met Mistie about four years ago. A black Labrador retriever, she was a puppy rescued from a shelter in Tennessee about a decade ago.

    Mistie and I became buddies then. About two years ago we became closer and spent more time together.

    The first best thing for me about having Mistie around was the walks. It was so nice to roam the streets without women calling their children indoors and notifying local authorities. Mistie introduced me to a lot of folks.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 11/16/11

     This week Paul Coyle takes a collective look at the thoughts of recent annexation attempts in Bullitt County.

  • BBB Issues Warning About Veterans’ Day Scams

     Some of the most cynical scams target service members, their families, and veterans, warns the Better Business Bureau. Veterans’ Day is a key opportunity for scammers who would target those who are serving or have served their nation, especially elderly vets.

    BBB Military Line provides free financial literacy and consumer protection services to the military community, as well as information on the latest scams, schemes, and ID theft tactics that threaten them. Among the scams to watch out for:

  • BBB Hot Topics: November 2011

      Check out the latest scams and bad business in BBB’s November 2011 Hot Topics!

  • Thanks for Nichols Fall Festival help

  • Defense spending: Is it worth the cost?

    There is mixed emotions about the war in Iraq. One thing that people are saying we fought a war we did not have the right to fight.

    It cost at least $806 billion dollars. There was more than 36,0000 American casualties, including 4,400 fatalities. At least there is one thing to be thankful for. The American servicemen and women will be home for the holidays.

  • Support Local Pharmacies

    The recent closing of Ear X-tacy in Louisville has me wondering what the citizens of Nelson County would think if they lost the services of their local pharmacists. The possibility is real. The similarities to what shut down Ear X-tacy, and the economic pressures facing retail pharmacy, are quite striking, except for one thing: Music is a commodity, drugs purchased at a pharmacy and the services provided by a pharmacist are not.