Today's Opinions

  • COYLE'S CORNER 06/22/11

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at the Bullitt Fiscal Court's budget blues.

  • Community action programs provide better life for people

     FRANKFORT – One of the most persistent challenges the United States has faced for generations can be summed up in a single word: Poverty.

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are nearly 43 million people in the United States, including one in five children, whose household income meets that definition, which is defined at little more than $22,000 for a family of four.

  • Bonnaroo has plenty of diversity in both music and life

     When I say I spent the weekend at Bonnaroo, you’ll probably do one of two things: Write me off as a burnt out, crochet-wearing, smelly hippie who doesn’t shave under her arms, or wonder what in the world that word means.

  • BBB Offers Tips for Elders and Those who Care for Them on Elder Abuse Awareness Day

     June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. BBB is marking the occasion by calling attention to the many ways the elderly are victimized. BBB receives hundreds of phone calls each year from senior citizens who have been targeted or victimized by scammers. Some are scammed with fake lottery checks, bogus travel deals, and financial fraud. Others are bullied by door-to-door sales people.

    Seniors are targeted often, because they are trusting and are afraid or embarrassed to report fraud when it occurs. The top scams against seniors include:

  • Pay attention as budgets are passed by various bodies

     Governmental agencies throughout the state are busy working on their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 06/15/11

     This week Paul Coyle discusses last week's heat wave (and reminds everyone to attend the Bullitt County Fair).

  • Drug-free summer safety in the home

      June is Home Safety Month (Home Safety Council, 2011). When considering ways to make your home safer, many people consider covering electrical sockets, looking for loose cords and wires, or putting together an emergency supplies kit. Have you ever considered the connection between home safety, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs? There are many ways to help make your home safer for children and grandchildren who will be home from school on summer break.

  • Thanks from BE Hoops

     The Bullitt East Basketball program would like to thank our fans, the people of Mount Washington, our parents and the staff of Bullitt East HS for the tremendous support we received during the regional and state tournaments over the last 3 weeks. It is a blessing and a pleasure to play and represent the people of our great community and we thank each and every one of you that bought t-shirts, tickets, came to open practice, traveled long distances and waited outside in the rain to watch us play.