Today's Opinions

  • Things that are important

     My name is Robert Huff. I think I am an average citizen. I served my country in World War II and I might add I was real proud to do so. I think being in the service has taught me many things about people. Most people want the same thing out of life and this is important to them. That one thing is money - the reason being  so the family can life a comfortable life.

  • Concerns about jail

     I recently spent twelve days in the Bullitt County Detention Center. During that time I saw several issues there that should be know to the taxpayers of the County and State.

    They provide cable TV to inmates. I can’t afford cable TV at home, and I am sure many people statewide cannot. If the States wants to reduce their budget that would be one step in the right directions. Also I was denied TV privileges and others with more harsh crimes were able to watch it.

  • Remember heat issues

     Summer is here and we’re already seeing the dreaded headlines about children who are left inside hot cars, leading to heat stroke and even death.

    Since 1998, at least 13 children in Kentucky have died as a result of being left inside sweltering vehicles while their parents or caregivers shop, go to work or run errands. It’s just another example of the abuse and neglect that plagues Kentucky’s children.

  • Proposal for EDA, Chamber merger worth consideration

     It is an interesting proposal which has proven to be successful in other communities.

  • Obesity is issue that has grown much too large

     Obesity is a growing problem in the United States. And that is not just a catchy headline.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 07/20/11

     This week Paul Coyle offers another view of Pioneer News staff writer Lyndsey Gilpin's series on obesity in Bullitt County.

  • Visit to Farmer’s Market worth it

     The other day I had the pleasure of covering the grand opening of the Lebanon Junction Farmer’s Market on Main Street. 

  • So frustrated

     I am frustrated thinking about what has happened throughout the world. The War, people getting killed, the flood, tornadoes, earthquakes. Most people do not want to get along with other people. They want everything for themselves. Children telling parents what to do. They control the parents.