Today's Opinions

  • Time for entire county to rally behind team to get respect

     Only 16 schools in the commonwealth of Kentucky will be represented in the boys’ PNC Sweet 16 basketball tournament in Lexington’s Rupp Arena next week.

  • COYLE'S CORNER 03/09/11

     This week Paul Coyle takes a look at the county's newest wave of increasing gas prices.

  • House members race against the clock to ensure legislative action

                With little time remaining in the 2011 Regular Session, we used this week as the opportunity to amend and act on legislation.  This was done with the hope that each chamber will have an opportunity to consider and concur upon a great number of bills from the other chamber before we adjourn for the ten-day veto period.

  • Looking back from the future for tobacco

  • Schools must do more than just get students a diploma

    There are many things we can learn from paying attention to data and looking at statistical trends, but sometimes they can be a little misleading. 

  • Legislative update from Rep. Linda Belcher

     FRANKFORT – Long after a legislative session is in the history books, it is often remembered by just one or two of its most prominent bills.  Early last week, the General Assembly gave its overwhelming approval to the one that will almost certainly top this year’s list.

  • Take a real poll

     I am extremely surprised and saddened to see the recent steam-rolling of the citizens in Bullitt County by an entity supposedly on our side.

    The ‘survey’ taken by the Health Department on the proposed ‘Smoking Ban’ and the results presented to the public is an example of stretching the numbers to suit the situation, while completely fooling the public into believing the issue is protecting citizens from cigarette smoke - when in fact it is truly a step at MORE government policing of our daily lives. 

  • New law not needed

     We all know meth labs are a problem, but there is already a procedure in place to control the sale of “over the counter cold medications,” that contain pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is an ingredient in the manufacture of meth. Pharmacists already are required to check ID’s, record, and report who buys these “over the counter” meds. Your Bullitt County Rep., Linda Belcher is sponsoring a bill in Frankfort that would require all law-abiding citizens to get a doctor’s prescription in order to buy simple cold medications.